Teenager he ate was French fries and Chips – now he is blind

French fries, Chips, white bread and ham, a slice, or sausage: So the dining plan looked like a 17-Year-old from the UK. Since elementary school, the Teenager had fed extremely one-sided. With serious consequences: The Boy is blind. Doctors have diagnosed him with a severe vitamin deficiency.

How doctors report in the journal “Annals of Interal Medicine”, was the Boy of years of medical treatment. With 14 he had felt tired and unwell and had gone to his family doctor. The noted case of the boy a Vitamin B12 deficiency and prescribed tablets for the young vitamin. But the Boy did not took the tablets.

Vitamin B12 is important for nerve function and is mainly in animal products such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. People who eat a balanced diet, are generally well supplied with Vitamin B12. But, above all, Vegans should pay attention to a sufficient supply and the Vitamin artificially feeding.

Extreme Malnutrition

Three years later, the Teenager arrived in a hospital in Bristol, which specialises in eye disorders. He was able less and less to see. The Doctors diagnosed once again, Vitamin – and mineral – deficiency of Vitamin B12 d. missing the young important substances such as selenium or Vitamin His eyesight had deteriorated so much that he did not meet the criteria for blindness. But that was not the only impact of the lack of food: “He had lost minerals from its bones, what was for a boy his age, quite shocking,” quoted the “BBC” Denize Atan, the Doctor.

“His diet consisted Essentially of a Portion of chips from the local Fish-and-Chip Restaurant. He also ate Chips, sometimes slices of bread and occasionally White ham, but not really fruits and vegetables,” said the Doctor. The Boy stated that he had an aversion to the Texture of certain foods. Fries and Chips were the Only thing he could take.

Due to the unbalanced diet of the Boy was seriously ill – he suffered from a diet-related optical neuropathy. The disease is generally treatable if it is detected early. It is diagnosed too late, the damage.

A similar case from Canada

Cases like this are fortunately very rare, said the Doctor to the “BBC”. Nevertheless, parents should pay attention to the eating habits of their children and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

However, the parents can have their children with a strict meal plan damage: 2017 the case of an eleven-year-old boys became known to the blind as well. As it turned out, had withheld from his mother the young of certain foods, of which she believed that she would worsen his eczema. With the time, the Boy had a severe vitamin deficiency.

The Doctors administered to the boy several times subsequently with the high dose of Vitamin A. The vision of the child improved again. On the state of health of the 17-Year-old, nothing is further known.

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