Behind Amazon’s Accelerator Program: Fast Beauty Brand Launches

The first beauty brand out of Amazon's accelerator program is readying for launch.
Fast Beauty Co., which makes a line of five-minute masks, is slated to debut on Amazon in early March. The brainchild of influencer sisters Simona and Diana Kubasova, who collectively have more than 70,000 Instagram followers, the line is meant to provide quick skin-care treatments for busy people.
"We are always on the go…and we couldn't find anything that actually worked quickly enough," said Simona Kubasova. "We saw the white space in the market for faster, cleaner skin care that actually works."
Fast Beauty makes a line of face, eye, lip and neck masks, plus micellar water wipes. The different sheet masks are designed with higher doses of active ingredients for shorter use times, Kubasova said, with Instagram-friendly designs. "We wanted to make sure our brand stands out and is recognizable," she noted.
New products will be rolled out every three months. The line is exclusive to Amazon for three years — and expects to benefit from the platform's large customer base.
"This is not a skin-care regimen where you have to use our products with our products — it's a thing that fits into your already-existing routine," said Phyllis Silverman, head of product development and marketing for the brand.
Amazon has a white space in the mask category, Silverman noted. That, combined with Fast Beauty's participation in the accelerator program, is expected to propel the beauty company's success. Industry sources estimated the brand could do more than $2 million in sales in its first year.
"From a support perspective, they've given us access to their team of influencers… they're already elevating our SEO," Silverman said. "When you type 'masks' into Amazon, if you're part of the accelerator program your brand will come up right away."
Amazon's influencer network, along with the networks of the Kubasova sisters, will receive samples of Fast Beauty's products.
Amazon's accelerator program was unveiled last October as a means for the retail giant to foster more exclusive lines. Kubasova said that when she saw the news, she reached out and asked to be part of the program. Amazon is not an investor in Fast Beauty, she said, but is expected to continue to support the brand through the next several years of product launches.
"Amazon is our partner for this process," Silverman said. "They keep working with us and for each new project we launch, we have their support and the support of their influencers."
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