Dr. Dennis Gross Rolls Out Most Powerful Line Yet

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is adding a new category.
The dermatologist-founded, skin-care brand is launching Clinical Grade, a line of products geared toward individuals who want to take their skin-care regimen to the next level. Combining Dr. Gross' expertise as both a chemist and practicing dermatologist, Clinical Grade is expected to be the brand's most powerful line yet. Offerings will roll out throughout the year, starting with the IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum, $92, out now at Sephora.
"Skin care in general is occupying a larger place in the consumer’s arsenal, much more so than makeup," said Dennis Gross. "People understand that makeup is covering up the problem, and people seeing their problems are getting worse are finding makeup to be less satisfactory."
"The Clinical Grade category is definitely a big brand statement as to what we’re looking to accomplish as a brand," said Carrie Gross, chief executive officer and wife of Dr. Gross. "Dennis has always had a position that all of our products work beautifully together, they don’t throw your skin off balance, they’re gentle. We’re not using the word gentle when it comes to Clinical Grade. We’re using the word powerful. We feel this is the next best thing to a visit at the practice."
A total of three Clinical Grade products are expected this year; a resurfacing peel is slated for March, followed by a deep wrinkle serum in August. Neither Carrie nor Dennis Gross agreed to talk sales projections, but industry sources estimate the full line could pull in between $14 million and $15 million in its first year at retail.
Rivaling prescription-strength hydroquinone at 4 percent concentration, the IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum uses 10 percent L-ascorbic acid, aka Vitamin C, to reduce the appearance of sun spots, age spots and dark patches. The product, dressed in rose gold packaging instead of the brand's recognizable orange hue, was directly inspired by clients of Dr. Gross who struggle with hyperpigmentation.
"At my practice, 70 percent of people said hyperpigmentation is a problem that they’re coming in to see me for," said Dr. Gross. "The level of improvement that people want has increased. They want stronger, they want better, they want more powerful."
The serum is designed to both suppress the production of excess pigment in the skin and prevent the transfer of pigment from the skin's bottom layers to its top layers. Dr. Gross recommended using it once a day as a serum or spot treatment until pigmentation issues clear up.
In addition to Sephora, the Clinical Grade category will be sold at Net-a-porter and Dr. Dennis Gross' various spa partners. It will also be available in the U.K., where it will be called Professional Grade, in-store and online at SpaceNK in April, followed by Cult Beauty in June.
Asked for what Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has in store for the year ahead, Carrie Gross said the brand is planning to expand to Asia, specifically Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It is seeing growth with devices — the FaceWare Pro LED mask is currently sold out on its web site until the end of the month — as well as a younger, more diverse consumer base.
"There’s so much opportunity for us with younger consumers, men and different ethnicities," said Carrie Gross. "Our products work so beautifully on all skin types. embracing prevention and looking at science as a fountain of youth. They’re interested in technology, the devices, but more than anything, they’re using SPF. It’s phenomenal to be able to live in a time when you can prevent rather than chase after wrinkles to correct."
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