What is Craniosynostosis?

IntroductionWhat is craniosynostosis?What causes craniosynostosis?What are the symptoms of craniosynostosis?Types of craniosynostosisWhat are the diagnostic criteria for craniosynostosis?Treatment of craniosynostosisReferencesFurther reading Craniosynostosis is the early […]

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What Is Recovery-Focused Care?

The principles of recovery-oriented mental health practice The benefits of recovery-focused careReferences Further reading  Most people living with a mental illness are only hospitalized after becoming acutely […]

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What is Infantile Myofibromatosis?

IntroductionHistoryCauses and symptomsCase reportsDiagnosis and treatmentReferencesFurther reading Infantile myofibromatosis (IM), a rare disorder, is one of the most common proliferative fibrous tumors of infancy. First […]

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