Happy Bonk Holiday! The sex position EVERYONE is trying this weekend

Another bank holiday is upon us, and many Brits will be enjoying a three-day weekend.

For those who fancy staying indoors (or under the sheets), here’s a steamy sex position to try.

According to an Ann Summers sexpert, the ‘Backdoor Mailman’ is a simple move to master.

So how do you do it?

Simply get down on all fours with your partner behind you, lean forward slightly and then allow your man to do all the work.

This position is perfect for both with a great angle for some spank holiday fun.

If you’re feeling daring, you can always add some lube or a sex toy into the mix.

“Just make sure you communicate your limits”

Laura Whittaker

Laura Whittaker, of Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “A three-day weekend presents the perfect opportunity to test your limits in the bedroom and experiment with bondage.

“Many of us have had fantasies of being tied up or tying our partner up and getting a little rough. Just make sure you communicate your limits, using a safe word for when things get a tad bit too much.

“The Backdoor Mailman is a great position to try out spanking this Bank Holiday, just bend over and lean forward slightly on your hands and knees.

“Fancy making it a little more kinky? Try a PU Paddle to make the feeling a little more intense. Play safe and have a ‘spanking’ Bank Holiday.”

Fancy more inspiration in the bedroom?

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It’s called the “Royal Ride” and it’s the perfect move to make you feel like a Queen (or King) under the sheets.

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