HGTV Star Jasmine Roth and Husband Brett Roth Welcome Daughter Hazel Lynn: 'Absolutely Perfect'

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While working on projects like these are often a part of Jasmine’s job, she said “getting this nursery done was a great feeling” and “really fun” for her and her husband: “Being new to this whole parenting thing, we’re trying to be as open to advice as possible, and some of the best advice we got was to not overthink the nursery.”

As their due date approached, Jasmine reflected on the uncertainty of life amid the coronavirus outbreak, as she stressed the importance of taking things “one day at a time.”

“I think this means something different to everyone right now, right? For @brettrothofficial and I, we are (patiently) waiting for our little girl to get here — wondering if it would be better if she came today or in 25 days,” the home renovation pro wrote on Instagram at the beginning of April.

“There’s no way to know and worrying won’t help a thing. So we wake up every day hoping for the best and trying to support each other, work really hard, and send love to our friends and family,” Jasmine added. “Just doing whatever we can, cause what else is there to do!?!”

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