The 6 Best Car Sex Positions

Car sex is fun and adventurous—it gets you and your partner out of a bedroom rut and brings some novelty into your sex life. There’s the thrill of getting caught, plus the physical and emotional connection you get by doing it in a tight, compact space. No wonder 60% of men and women in one 2016 study say they’ve done the deed in a parked vehicle, according to The Journal of Sex Research.

“Car sex is timeless,” says Amy Boyajian, co-founder and CEO of sexual wellness store Wild Flower. “It’s fun for new lovers and it’s the perfect combination of excitement, exhilaration, and safety that can help keep the passion alive in long-term relationships.” 

Ready to hit the gas and give car sex a go? Start by trying these expert-approved car sex positions.

Front seat straddle

Have your partner sit back comfortably in the front passenger seat, then climb into their lap and ease them inside. This woman-on-top position gives you control over the speed and tempo, and since you’re facing each other, you can hold eye contact and nuzzle each other’s neck for extra closeness. The tight fit between your bodies and the dashboard means there isn’t much room to gyrate wildly, but being so close lets you go deep for G-spot pleasure.

“The partner on top should be positioned so that their knees are comfortably supported, which will allow for the leverage needed in order to move and bounce while on top,” Jill McDevitt, PhD, resident sexologist at sex toy emporium CalExotics, tells Health. She also recommends adding a vibrator into the mix. “Because your pelvises are pushed together, the vibrator will get pushed up against the clitoris, which can produce a really powerful orgasm.”

Back seat 69

This oral sex position requires more of a sense of privacy for you to really get into it. So get your partner to lie down on the back seat facing up, with their head and neck on the seat cushion. Then, you climb on top of them so that your knees are on either side of their head, and you’re positioned above them.

Your partner can hold onto your butt as they pleasure you with their mouth, or they can get their hands in on the action. If you can reciprocate, go for it; if your bodies don’t line up quite right considering the lack of space, just enjoy all the oral sex sensations. This position is “very pleasurable for you, and a great space saver,” says McDevitt. 

Dashboard doggy

Push the front driver’s side seat as far back as it can go, so that it resembles a bed. Get on all fours and into the traditional doggy style position by kneeling on the seat, facing the back of the car. It’s tricky, but your partner can then maneuver behind you also in a kneeling position, says McDevitt, with their feet by the dashboard. “From this position, the partner in the back can enter you from behind and use the seat for leverage to grind into you.”

If you have a towel, consider putting it down so that the leather seat doesn’t get sticky with sweat. You might also want to crack the window (but only if you’re in a super private place, of course, since you don’t want to disturb anyone or get caught and arrested). This doggy-style variation is going to get H-O-T.

Spooning lying low

“This is probably the easiest positions to do in a car, especially if you and your partner aren’t super tall,” says McDevitt. Start by climbing into the back seat, then lie on your sides, with the penetrating partner behind you as the big spoon, holding you tight.

This intimate position offers the cozy sensations of cuddling, plus the orgasmic pleasure of deep G-spot penetration, says Boyajian. It’s also probably the most private of all car sex positions, since your heads and bodies are beneath the windows and no one will see you. Adds Boyajian: “Snuggle up to sink a little lower in the seat to avoid getting spotted.” 

Reverse cowgirl in a convertible

For this advanced car sex position, it helps if you have a convertible or sunroof. This position has you getting on top facing away from your seated partner, easing your body into theirs, and then rocking away in wild, energetic motions. It helps if you have enough space to avoid banging your head on the car roof with every pleasure-producing gyration.

If you can’t roll the roof open or put the top down, focus on short, quick, grinding motions, back and forth, to accommodate for the tight space, advises Boyajian. This will allow your partner to rub against your G-spot and for you to let loose in bliss, while also keeping your head from smashing into the ceiling.

Road head

Front seat BJ. Cruise control. There are many different names for this position, which basically entails giving your partner oral sex—with the car in park, for your safety (seriously). Next time you and your partner are alone and sitting in the front seats, surprise them by leaning over the console and unzipping their pants. Use your mouth and hands to live out this road trip fantasy, suggests McDevitt. 

“Giving oral sex can be a fun and exciting endeavor in a car for both parties,” says Boyajian. And if you’re parked some place out of view from the main road, your partner can enjoy the visual of you pleasing them—instead of being on the lookout for passing cars or pedestrians.

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