This shower sex position adds MORE sensations – here’s how to conquer it

Shower sex is a tricky one, in some cases it can get too dangerous or it’s a struggle to find the space.

Well if you feel like giving a steamy romp in the bathroom another go, here’s a sex position to try.

According to a sexpert at Ann Summers, The Column move will add more sensations.

So how do you master this position?

“A great way to make the most of April Showers is to head inside”

Laura Whittaker

All you have to do is stand in front of your partner and bend ever so slightly to his crotch.

He will lean back in order to get into the right position and begin thrusting, while you remain with your back towards him.

Laura Whittaker, senior manager at Ann Summers, told Daily Star Online: “A great way to make the most of April Showers is to head inside.

“By using our ‘Column’ sex position you can boost standing shower sex by using the temperature of the water to add more sensations.”

She added: “Bring along a completely waterproof clit stimulation, like the Moregasm Plus Bullet, to synchronise your orgasms and take things to a new level.

“Also, remember that water is not a suitable replacement for lubrication – Silicone-based lube is the best for shower sex as it doesn’t wash away like water-based lube. And don’t forget a non-slip bathmat.”

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