717 new cases in Germany, the R-value increases, the first traffic light in Berlin jumps on Red

In Germany have been infected so far, 206.467 people with the Coronavirus, as data from the country’s health and social ministries is clear.

The are 717 more cases than on Monday. No province remained on Tuesday without any new infections. 9097 people have died from the effects of the Coronavirus. The number of Recovering estimates of the Robert Koch Institute at 190.800. Thus, about 6600 people in Germany are infected acute care (active cases). The reproduction number is increased, meanwhile, to 1.25. It indicates how many additional people infected, an infected Person on average.

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In Berlin, the first of three Corona was put after the third Time in a row, an increased reproduction number has been reported to traffic lights on Red. If two of the three traffic lights (reproduction number of new infections per week, Covid-19-hospitalization numbers) at the same time to Red, according to the Senate discussion of needs and the preparation of possible measures is required.

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