90 pounds gone! With a simple change in Diet Englishman takes off successfully

20 years old, 1.80 meters tall, 210 pounds: the Englishman Jack Towers was still less than a year ago describe. Fast Food, Snacks, and candy for the teenage to be a daily companion.

They called him “chubby” or “Fat Jack”. Bullying and frustration during school time shoots trap Towers in the Kilo, alcohol, the Rest did.

His current girlfriend, Lauren accepted him as he was, so the Motivation was not to Remove it – because, actually, everything was Yes.

But then there was a key experience that the man from Ashford, England, and moved to reconsider his diet of radical and his diet successfully.

The key moment was humiliating

As the Towers one Evening with his girlfriend went to the cinema, came to this most unpleasant Situation: “I just fit in the damn cinema seats,” said the Briton in an interview with the British 'Dailymail'.

The Situation was the young Englishman most embarrassing – most of all he would be sunk in the ground.

He dangled before his girlfriend, that it would not go well, and you should better go home. “I knew that Lauren would understand the real reason, but I just wanted to get away just yet, so I played her my Nausea. Ran even a few Times on the toilet,“ said Towers.


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The medical results then brought the barrel to Overflowing: “As the Doctors said to me that I stand with my 20 years on the verge of a Diabetes-illness, I was in shock,” he said.

Out of passion out of the young man joked with the doctors that If he would come the next Time in the practice, would not know the Doctors again.

Said. Done.

Towers turned to his diet radically

The English bar is one thing immediately from his diet plan: FAST FOOD. Prior to that, he gave annually a sum equivalent to 5600 Euro alone for Fast – Food at least twice a week, rang the delivery service to his door.

The money Towers is now more effective: He buys healthy food and cooks for themselves every day, and takes his food to work – Mealprep the A and O in the case of a healthy diet.

Instead of candy and Chips, he allows himself now to fresh fruit and vegetables. He puts on a high-protein diet and avoids as far as possible on carbs.

“Since then, I eat differently and a day to cook, I have confidence, more energy, and more. I have easy my life,“ says Towers.


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So Jack Towers alive today

Within the first ten months, Jack Towers took off 90 pounds and is currently only 120 kg on the scale. He feels fitter, healthier and freer.

His relationship act of extreme weight loss success very well: “I have the feeling, that I can plug in thanks to the weight loss and more energy into the relationship. I feel more motivated, more balanced and, together, we can do things we couldn’t do before, visits to the cinema are now back in it,“ he says with a wink.

In addition to the change in Diet started Towers with the Sport. He started with simple Exercises, progressing worked step – by-step until he can complete three Cardio sessions per week.

His Fitness, he regularly presents pride to his followers on his Instagram channel.

Andra Schmidt