A Nutritionist's Guide to Unwinding After a Long Day

We know that the last year and a half has had a huge impact on our wellbeing, with more than 40% of people aged 25-40 saying they feel stressed all or most of the time. We also know that stress can affect sleep, gut health, and weight gain, not to mention a bunch of other parts of our lives.

So to understand how we can make the best of the few hours before we go to sleep, we spoke to accredited nutritionist, Faye James, about her how lowering stress levels in the evening before bed can improve the duration and quality of sleep, optimise gut health and lower our stress hormone – and the 10 practices she follows to do exactly that.

1. Yoga

“I do a little light yoga stretches to help ease any tension. I have a vinyasa flow routine which takes me through a few sun salutations which work on specific areas in the glutes, hips and back where we store tension.” 

2. Meditation

“I have a 10-meditation session where I calm my thoughts and concentrate on my breathing. I sit somewhere quiet maybe on the beach if I have time to empty my thoughts and switch off.”

3. Dinner

“I have a light dinner that isn’t too heavy or difficult to digest. If you have a heavy meal this can often interrupt your sleep patterns which in turn causes stress.”

4. Alcohol

“I avoid alcohol at least four hours before bedtime so I don’t experience an interrupted sleep. Research shows that alcohol can have a profound effect on the quality of your sleep.” 

5. Timing

“I stop eating at 7pm so I allow my body enough time to digest before bedtime and allow my body to fast for at least 12 hours. Research shows that intermittent fasting helps promote healthy gut bacteria, cell regeneration and reduction of stress.” 

6. Bath

“I have a hot bath with magnesium salts and lavender oil to help ease any aches and pains. These two ingredients work well to ease stress as well.” 

7. Tea

“Then I have a warm cup of Herbalife Nutrition Relaxation Tea which contains lemon balm, passionflower, camomile, and lavender. Research shows that these herbs can calm the body and mind and support relaxation.

8. Technology

“I put away all my devices at least 2 hours before bedtime so I can decongest from social media and news. Too much social media can make you anxious and stressed.

9. Magnesium

“I apply magnesium and lavender cream to my body just before bedtime. I find this really helps me enter a peaceful sleep and promotes relaxation.

10. Breathe

“I take a deep breath and take time to be grateful for everything in my life. Gratitude helps us gain perspective on our worries and stress.

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