After 27 years of coma: “it will respond only to questions asked with feeling”

Munira Abdulla fell after a car accident in a coma for 27 years. Today, she is regaining consciousness. The entire time at your side: the son of Omar. Now the 32-Year-old told how he cared for his mother and left her with Youtube Videos on life outside of the clinic.

Omar Webair was four years old when his mother into a coma. On the way home from Preschool, his brother-in-law saw a school bus, Omar and his mother sat on the back seat of the car. The vehicles collided. As Omar’s mother saw the Crash coming, she threw herself protectively on her son. Came with scratches. She suffered a severe skull-brain Trauma, fell into a coma and woke up 27 years. Up to now, such as Webair this week, the Arab newspaper “The National” has told. In a clinic In Bad Aibling, a small town 50 kilometres South-East of Munich.

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“My Childhood was overshadowed by what happened to my mother”

That his mother is in a coma, the Boy learned only much later, as he explains in an Interview with the “Bild”newspaper. “After the accident left me and my family for a whole year in the dark. No one told me where my mother was,“ says the now 32-Year-old. The same age his mother was when, in 1991, the accident in the Arabian oasis city of Al Ain near the Oman border, happened.

“I’ve cried a lot and missed you,” says Webair. “After this year, my Relatives have revealed to me that I could visit my mother in the hospital. To see them, was a huge shock for me. My Childhood was overshadowed by the accident, and what happened to my mother.“ Omar Webair

Since then, Omar visited his mother every day in the hospital, accompanied by his grandmother, he says. Hours he spent in her bed. As Gold had been the for him, he says in an Interview with “The National”. “The more time passed, the more valuable it was for me.”

“We moved mom every day something Beautiful”

Over the years, the family was looking for in your home country in vain for help in various hospitals. Also, the Doctors from London were not able to help Munira Abdulla. They made Omar exactly as the doctors in the Emirates is little hope that his mother would ever Wake up again.

In order for your muscles not atrophied or cramped, moving physiotherapists Munira Abdullah’s body. Was fed via a stomach tube. Omar and his grandma took care of it in their own way: “We moved mom every day something Beautiful. There’s not a day that I don’t combed her hair passed. I knew that you hear me every day,” he says to the “image”. Omar Webair

All of that made it to the grown man at times difficult for his Job, he says. But he had regretted the many time never spent on the bed of his mother. “I believe God has saved me from greater evil, because I was there for you,” says Omar at “The National”Interview.

“Every Time I went, I found a phone and made Videos on Youtube to run”

In April 2017, the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed Bin Zayed heard of Muniras case, and the family approved a loan to have treatment in Germany. The country is for many Arabs, for the best medical care in the world.

From all this, Omar Webairs mother got nothing. Nevertheless, Omar tried to let you live outside of the hospital – and with Youtube Videos, as he explains in an Interview with the “image”. “Even in a coma she had opened her eyes. I was day and night with her, she left only for Work or when I went to school. Every Time I went, I found a phone and made Videos on Youtube to run. Sometimes there were movies, but best of all your Videos liked about the Qur’an. I didn’t want you to be bored. You should also be able to continue to have, on the part of the world.“

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Omar was the Only one who was able to invade during this time to his mother, he says. As he had soon after the transfer of the special clinic in Bad Aibling the feeling that Munira would begin to speak again in the foreseeable future, the Doctors, the for wishful thinking. Also, do not believed to be able to do even more for Omar’s mother do as a chief physician Friedemann Müller explains in an interview with FOCUS Online.

“For years I had dreamed of this Moment”

A year after the Arab had been admitted in the hospital, however, the miracle Omar had so long hoped for has happened: “they were strange noises,” he says. “I called repeatedly to the Doctors, that you should investigate. They said everything was normal.“ Omar woke up still on the bed of his mother, actually slept there. “Then, three days later, I woke up because someone called my name,” he says. “That was you! My mother called my name. For years I had dreamed of this Moment and my Name was the first word that they said,“ recalls Omar. “When she woke up, it was as if she lived the accident and then woke up.”

Since then, it has improved the condition of Omar’s mother. In the meantime, the family returned to their home Abu Dhabi. Munira Abdulla is cared for in a special hospital. She is conscious, Omar can communicate with her – but not fully. “She only responds to my voice,” explains her son to the “picture” as well as “questions to be asked with feeling. When Doctors make you sober questions, answer them as good as never.“

The world to marvel at the medical miracle that happened to her, takes Munira true, says Omar. In the Interview, you can align them: “you pray for everyone who is thinking of you. We are grateful to Germany for medical help.“