Alcohol poisoning: Why Physicians instill in Vietnam man 15 cans of beer

It sounds strange: In Vietnam, a man with alcohol intoxication, came to the hospital. There, he has to get the Doctors can of beer.

With a can of beer, Doctors have healed in Vietnam, a 48-year-old man of severe alcohol intoxication. The physicians of the hospital of Quang Tri, in the homonymous province, implanted in your patients, and after 15 doses of the barley juice. The state-controlled press of the South East Asian country reported.

With success: The man could &quot according to a report in the daily newspaper;Tuoi Tre" the clinic after the 15. Beer. Presumably, the 48 had been drinking-Year-old previously adulterated liquor and, therefore, a large amount of Methanol.

Why adulterated liquor, may be fatal

Especially in less developed countries it often happens that people fall ill after the consumption of cheap adulterated booze that contains Methanol, heavy or even die. Methanol is formed when the Distillation of alcohol is not properly worked.

When the liver tries to detoxify the body from alcohol, is converted to the Methanol to formaldehyde and formic acid. This can cause damage to the nerve cells, blindness and even death.

How can beer help at an alcohol intoxication?

In their unusual treatment, the Doctors made use of in Vietnam a Trick to prevent the conversion of methanol: working on the liver, otherwise, by the patient Ethanol, so "normalen" Alcohol, in the Form of beer administered.

Per hour he got to and to a can. The dangerous Methanol is then excreted through the breath and the urine. If this is successful, remains to be a severe hangover.

Effective, but not a medical Standard

In the case of the Vietnamese patient, it took a total of 15 hours, until the worst effects of the alcohol intoxication were over. The attending doctor Tran Van Thanh said the Vietnamese newspaper, in the method according to "no medical Standard". "But in practice, it has proved to be effective."

The emergency physician Hans-Jörg Busch, from the University hospital of Freiburg, told the German press Agency dpa: "Therapy 15 cans of beer is rather unusual, but well understood. May be the Vietnamese colleagues had no other alcohol on Hand."

On the type of alcohol it is not coming but also not necessarily so to the Professor. "Much more important is that the therapy is immediately initiated."