Arthritis pain: Do you hear this sound? The unusual warning sign of early arthritis

Arthritis refers to a term of a number of conditions which cause pain and inflammation in the joints. Hearing this unusual sound could be an early warning of the condition.


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If a person hears a clicking or cracking coming from their joints, it could mean the joints are affected by osteoarthritis.

The sound is of the bones rubbing together and not having enough cartilage to help cushion them.

This is often an early warning sign of the condition.

When joints create a grinding or popping sound or sensation, this is known as crepitus, explained Arthritis health.

It said: “Occasional joint crepitus is considered normal and is no cause for alarm.

However, a large new study suggests that frequent knee crepitus may be an early warning sign on osteoarthritis.”

What the studies say 

A study which included 3.500 middle-age individuals with no initial symptoms of knee osteoarthritis were tracked for two years.

Researchers of the study found that participants who reported having no knee pain, but frequent or constant knee crepitus, were at higher risk for having symptoms of osteoarthritis within a year.

This was especially true for those with physical signs of knee degeneration at the beginning of the study.

The study found that 75 percent of the participants went on to develop symptoms of osteoarthritis.


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What is crepitus?

Crepitus is when there is a sensation or noise when you move a joint which can be described as clicking, cracking, creaking, crunching, grating or popping, said Spire healthcare.

The health site continued: “Crepitus is more common as you get older, although you can experience it at any age.

“Your joints can crack or pop from time to time so, in most cases, it’s nothing to be worried about.

“However, if you have pain or discomfort as well, it could be a sign that you have an underlying medical condition.”

Causes of crepitus include:

Bubbles of air popping inside the joints which is the noise produced with a person cracks their knuckles and is often painless

Bone rubbing against each other, usually caused by arthritis and is often a chronic pain or discomfort

Snapping of tendons or ligaments over the bony surfaces of the joints which is often described as painful.

If you have been hearing a lot more odd sounds coming from your bones and joints it’s important to speak with your GP

It’s also advised for a person to be vigilant with your diet as certain foods can increase inflammation in the body, making the condition worse. 

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