Authorities warn of wild game meat

Wild boar sausages and venison stew, venison, pheasant and hare: venison is the Trend. What ate earlier, only the Forester, finds more and more friends among gourmets. Only the aromatic meat is not speaking of wild animals, but also the nutritional values of live: It is considered to be low in fat and rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

No wonder, consumption is growing, albeit at a low level: Around half a Kilo of consumed the common average point in the year, tendency rising slightly. This is okay, unless it is consumed with another powerful food trend, “pink”: Then, warns the German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR), the threat of attack by “human pathogenic parasites”.

The sounds are good reasons for it unappetizing. Only perfectly-cooked wild meat was safe to use prior to the Wild parasites, which could take root “in other living creatures” and “their resources to Survive and Reproduce”. In fact, a wild shot animals from veterinary non-monitored stocks could, of course, be of such a parasite infested.

The BfR identifies risks

  • Toxoplasmen (Disease: Toxoplasmosis)
  • Trichinella (Disease: Trichinellosis)
  • The Sarkosporides (Disease: Sarkosporidiose)
  • Pork Tapeworm (Diseases: Cysticercosis, Taeniose)
  • small Fox tapeworm (disease: Echinococcosis)
  • Duncker’scher Muskelegel (possible disease of the: larval Alariose)

Sounds awful, but it is also not a reason to avoid Wild in General: “The risk to fall ill in Germany after consumption of a parasitosis”, – stated in the study by the BfR, “is due to this consumption amounts estimated to be very small. However, the risk for certain population groups, so-called extremely predators (e.g., hunter) may be higher.”

To note is also that in the case of particularly sensitive population groups, “such as pregnant women and immunosuppressed patients,” the health consequences due to infection with parasites or viruses serious could be. To all consumers, the BfR recommends therefore, to enjoy the game, in principle, only fully cooked: the meat was safe, “rich in nutrients, low in fat and sustainably sourced”.

As the cooked meat can be considered according to the BfR, if it is heated up in its core for at least two minutes to at least 72 degrees. What is it then no longer pink.