Cancer risk: the eyelids need protection from the sun

Sun protection eye lids cream to not be forgotten

The majority of people, the danger to our health is likely to be due to increased solar radiation is known. Especially in the summer, it is extremely important to protect yourself from the sun to avoid skin cancer. Researchers have now found that we don’t expose us to increased risk if we do not protect our eyelids sufficient. Unfortunately, many people forget this area when Applying sunscreen.

In a recent study by the University of Liverpool, it was found that it is very important to protect the eyelids enough from the sun in order to minimize the risk for skin cancer. Many people do not take into account your eyelids with the use of sun cream. The results of the study were published in the English journal “PLOS One”.

Not only in children, it is imperative that the area around the eyelids is sufficiently protected from the sun in order to avoid subsequent cancers. (Image: nadezhda1906/

Areas of skin on the face are often not sufficiently protected

Sensitive areas of skin will be overlooked in the use of sun protection products frequently. This behavior can increase the risk for cancer. Despite global initiatives to increase the use of sun protection products, skin to cancer. The researchers found in the current study, moisture creams with a higher sun protection factor to protect against the sun’s radiation, but the way the application will not result in most people to be a sufficient protection. In the study, was evaluated in 62 women and 22 men, like this moisture cream and sun hand-me-downs protection products, before with a special ultra-violet light-sensitive camera, the majority of the face was considered. If people moisture cream with light protection used factor, were not protected by 17 per cent, of the face sufficiently, compared with eleven per cent, in the case of the use of pure sun protection products.

The eyelids are particularly susceptible to

The eyelids are very thin and particularly prone to cancer, has not been protected in the use of moisture cream with light protection factor of 21 percent of the affected skin is sufficient. In the case of normal sun protection products, it was 14 percent. This is particularly worrying, since skin cancer occurs most frequently on the head and neck and the eyes have lids, the highest incidence of the disease, report the researchers. The so-called squamous cell carcinoma is concerned, for example, often the eyelids.

The area between the corners of the eyes and nose must be protected

The Participants filled out a questionnaire about your application habits for sun protection products and moisturizers with SPF, where the majority of people, it was not known that they had not Creamed their faces completely. In the application of sun cream and moisturizer to the area is overlooked around the eyes often, particularly in the vicinity of the nose. The Participants revealed also in the use of moisturizers compared to sun protection products with a smaller area of the face. This suggests that the application of creams with SPF, the eyelid should be aware of, explain the authors of the study. 78 percent of Participants did not protect the area between the corners of the eyes and the nose, regardless of whether they applied sunscreen or moisturizer. A pair of sunglasses with UV-Filters to help in such cases, in order to protect not cream-covered areas. (as)