Cancer symptoms: Six lesser-known signs of the deadly disease you need to know

Cancer is a condition where cells in certain parts of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably. There’s currently no cure, so spotting symptoms as early on as possible is the best chance of survival. Possible signs like a lump are better known than others. But here are six lesser-known symptoms you should also be aware of, according to Cancer Research UK.

Spotting the early signs and symptoms of cancer is incredibly important

Persistent cough

Coughs are common, the cancer charity warns: “If a cough doesn’t go away or gets worse, make sure you tell your doctor.”

Unexplained weight loss

Small weight changes over time are considered normal, but it advises: “If you lose a noticeable amount of weight without trying to, tell your doctor.”

Persistent bloating

Bloating is common and can come and go, particularly for women or after eating certain foods.

But it says: “If you feel bloated, most days, even if it comes and goes, make an appointment to see your doctor.”


Feeling out of breath every now and then isn’t unusual. But it adds: “If you notice that you’re feeling breathless more than usual or for a lot of time, tell your doctor.”

Problems peeing

Problems peeing can include needing to pee urgently or more frequently. It may also include being unable to go when you need to or experiencing pain.

It explains: “These symptoms can all be caused by conditions other than cancer, but it’s important to tell your doctor if you experience nay of them.”

A change in bowel habit

Changes in bowel habit can include looser stools and more frequent bowel motions. These can be triggered by a stomach bug or food poisoning.

But it warns: “If you’ve noticed any change in your bowel habit, it’s important to tell your doctor.

“Whether that’s looser poo, pooing more often, or constipation.”

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