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COVID-19 infection rates by face masks can be lowered

In the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, most States have prescribed, sooner or later, the Wearing of protective masks, but their effect remains until today controversial. In a recent article in the “American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine” is, however, shown that regions were introduced in the early face masks, much milder gradients of the COVID-19-epidemic showed.

Under the Heading “COVID-19 and Public Interest in the Face Mask Use” (COVID-19 and the public interest in the use of face masks), researchers presented at the end of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the results of their investigations. The willingness of the population to wear a Mouth guard, showing, therefore, a significant impact on the COVID-19 infection rates.

Data from 42 countries evaluated


On the basis of data from 42 countries on six continents, the researchers possible relationships between the Wear of protective masks and the COVID-19 infection rates examined. First, it is noted that “in many Asian countries such as China and Japan, the use of face masks in this pandemic was ubiquitous, and as a hygiene etiquette was regarded, while it was widespread in many Western countries, in the Public less,” reported the research team.

Face masks and infection rates

A clear connection between the General acceptance of the wearing of a face mask, and the rates of infection have passed, and “a classic example of Hong Kong,” says Professor Sunny Wong from the Department of medicine and therapeutics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong as a positive example


Despite Hong Kong’s proximity to mainland China, the infection rate of COVID-19 appeared to have been relatively low. This is seen in the context of an almost ubiquitous use of face masks in the city (up to 98.8 percent of the respondents in a survey), reports the research team.

High infection rates in the United States and Brazil

Comparable patterns were observed in other Asian areas such as Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia. The other way to have it in States whose population has a low willingness to Wear a mouth protection, significantly more infections, more than two million cases in the United States, and more than a Million cases in Brazil given.

Important measure to reduce the infection rate

So face masks, as an important aspect for the slowing down of the COVID can be-19-infections are considered, but it is difficult to judge whether they are more effective than, for example, washing hands, or contact restrictions, explains Prof. Wong. Ultimately, the face can contribute to the masks, however, to slow down the spread of COVID-19, and costs in comparison to the rest of the measures are relatively cheap, so the author of the study.

“We believe that the use of face masks, hand washing and social distancing are important components of the non-pharmaceutical measures against COVID-19”, sums up Prof. Wong. (fp)

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