Cystitis after Sex – What do women

Cystitis hurts to love

The most beautiful thing in the world, it can be a real torment, if women suffer after the transport of a bladder infection. This goes to the Psyche and damaging to the relationship. But what can women do, as a Precaution can look – everything is explained in this article.

Frequent intercourse is so inflammation is often the cause of bubbles, that among medical professionals there is already a fixed term exists. The so-called honeymoon cystitis overtakes women after the intercourse. Especially women are affected, explain to the heads of experts, with their relatively shorter Urinary. Here, bacteria can penetrate from the Outside, lighter in the bladder and painful inflammations.

Inflammation by E. coli

Usually the bladder infection (cystitis) caused by E. coli, which come from the nearby the anal area into the vagina. From here the bacteria to the urinary bladder to rise and cause painful urinary tract infections. The women are more likely to be affected by cystitis than men, due to the anatomically different to the urethra, which in women is approximately four centimeters much shorter than in man. Here, the invading bacteria can find easier the way to the top in the urinary bladder. So, most of the women in their lives suffered under a bladder infection.

As the reasons the experts cite in addition to the already mentioned risk factors such as under cooling or Sex, the use of intimate deodorants, chemically-treated panty liners or washing lotions, which may allergic-cause inflammatory processes.

That sexual intercourse can cause urinary tract infections, often forgotten and only at the pain of water after the game of love the Affected remember. As the typical symptoms of cystitis, persistent urinary at low volumes of Urine, pain or Burning during urination and cramping pain above the pubic bone. In addition to these unique symptoms are also nonspecific consequences, such as fever, diarrhea, loss of appetite and Nausea and vomiting with a bladder infection. Sometimes the urine appears turbid and has an altered smell. No medical treatment, more severe complications with blood threatening inflammation in the urine, and renal pelvis.

The increased risk of infection is especially during intercourse for women, is due to the fact that the in the vagina, bacteria can enter through the mechanical movement in the ureter and the bladder.

Medical and naturopathic treatments for bladder inflammation

The bladder infection does not spread to the renal pelvis and kidney, is a timely treatment is of great importance. The conventional treatment of cystitis is based in the rule on the administration of antibiotics. The cystitis has yet reached no heavy or advanced stage, it is recommended, however, a wide variety of drugs and treatment of naturopathy, wherein the conversion to fresh and wholesome food, the absence of mucous membrane irritation such as food and beverages, such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol, citrus, soda drinks and spicy foods, the basis of all natural form of healing treatment.

The patient should drink plenty of liquid in the Form of water or thin herbal teas. In addition, healing can be administered in the Natural science, especially medicinal plants with diuretic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect for the treatment of bladder infections. For this purpose, among other things, bearberry leaves, birch leaves, Buccoblätter, and orthosiphon leaves.

As a herbal antibiotic and immune-modulation is also used often in addition, a preparation of horseradish, and nasturtium. Also on the Basis of the Bach flower therapy could be achieved in the treatment of cystitis has already achieved significant successes. In addition, heat and plenty of rest are recommended for cystitis. In case of doubt, the persons Concerned should also refrain from a few days to have Sex. (sb, fp)