Diabetes: 80 percent of the Fußamputationen are preventable

Each year, diabetics lose in Germany, more than 40,000 feet and legs. Up to 80 per cent of these amputations could be avoided if Vascular occlusion would be timely detected and treated. The German society for vascular surgery and vascular medicine (DGG).

A dreaded disease in Diabetes foot ulcers, chronic wounds develop. Every fourth diabetic developed in the course of his life, such a diabetic foot, which is by far the most common cause for amputations. "With over 40,000 amputations per year in Germany is located here since many years, unfortunately, in Europe in the upper Bereich", Professor Dr. med says. Dittmar Böckler, the President of the DGG. With the right measures, the amputation could be reduced rate by up to 80 percent, so the Medical Director of the clinic for vascular and Endovascular surgery at Heidelberg University hospital.

To avoid amputation, is crucial to improve in a timely manner, the arterial blood flow to the affected leg. "For bypass surgery and catheter-based minimally invasive procedures available, the interventions of both können&quot in so-called Hybrid very effective combined;, explained Böckler. What are the procedures at the end of the question, must be individually for each patient by a specialized treatment team decided. "We recommend every diabetes patient with foot problems at an early stage in a specialized center aufzusuchen", the vascular specialist advises. The primary goal of therapy is to avoid amputations. These reduce not only the quality of life dramatically, but also reduce the life expectancy of the patients.


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