Emily Skye Says She Gets Botox For Teeth Grinding – But Is That Really A Thing?

Emily Skye has taught us many things: mainly, pregnant bodies are amazing, cellulite is NBD and the power of the ‘ugly gym face’ should never be underestimated. The latest chapter in our Em-education? Botox – specifically, why it’s not just for wrinkles.

Taking to Insta stories, the fitness guru told her 2.6mil followers that she’s been regularly getting the muscle relaxant injected into her jaw to release tension build up.

“I just got back from having botox done because I’ve been grinding again at night,” she explained. “I go back and forth with my jaw and just grind my teeth. I also sort of chew my tongue at night, it’s so weird.”

She added that the dentist had also focused on her temples, as her “muscles are really strong up here.”

“When you get one muscle done another muscle tries to take over and that’s what’s been happening. So, I’m kind of chasing it around now. Like, where to next?”

Her admission prompted us to ponder, is this legit a thing? And what else do we need to know before going under the needle?

“What Botox does is paralyse the muscle, decreasing its activity,” Dr Michael Apa told Vogue. It does take a couple of weeks to take effect, but if injected consistently a few times a year, botox can actually retrain the muscles to stop grinding altogether.

Considering that grinding can lead to pain, wearing, chipping, shifting and (in some cases) even tooth loss, this is a major win for those who do it. Not to mention the aesthetic benefits too: e.g. a slimmer face and more defined cheekbones as the jaw muscles soften.

The catch? The whole needle-to-the-face thing. Although, Em actually reckons it feels “really nice.”

“When the needle went in I was like, ‘oh, that feels so good!’ Yeah, I’m a weirdo.”

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