For months, the manufacturer of the Listerie-meatballs stand on the “Hygiene-pillory”

Listeria findings in the case of a producer of Meat products from the Oldenburger münsterland have prompted the authorities to make further investigations. Food inspectors investigated on Monday, the facility in Essen, in the district of Cloppenburg.

"Serious hygiene deficiencies were not festgestellt", a spokesman for the district said. It was at the corporate headquarters of flesh-crown of fine food also have been no incriminating Material found. However, the authorities in the past few months were noticed in the premises of the company, in food and in Goldenstedt negative.

For operation in Goldenstedt, the district and the state office for food safety and consumer protection (Laves) had already carried out a higher risk classification due to hygiene deficiencies in the past. As a result, it gave it more unannounced inspections than usual, said a spokesman for the district of Vechta. The district had at the beginning of the year, the gold Norderstedt branch on the "Hygiene Pranger" of the country released. The company did not comment on a request to the communications from the rural districts first of all.

Listeria in ready-to-meatballs

On Friday, the County of Vechta and the lower Saxony Laves were found during an inspection in the meat factory in Goldenstedt Listeria in self-samples of the company. Were affected done meatballs that had been delivered to the food retailer Rewe and Norma. The Laves withdrew temporarily the approval for Operation – that is, the company may deliver to at the Moment, no dealer with its products. Only on pressure of the district and of the Laves, the company had initiated a recall of the affected Goods, said a spokeswoman for the consumer protection Ministry in Hanover.

The reason for the control in the last week of violations of the food law, the controlers already noticed in the past year. 14. December 2018 was adopted by the district of Vechta an injunction for infringements of the food law, it was called the circle house. The company of flesh-crown Deli had been says as a result, the placing on the market of ready-to-eat food from the establishment in Goldenstedt, if they have not been studied previously negative on Listeria.

Chicken cutlets also burdened with Listeria

The Food inspectors in the Neighbouring district of Cloppenburg had also detected the beginning of the year in the main factory in Essen in a Batch of chicken schnitzel Listeria. It is also a serious hygiene deficiencies have been identified. The operation did not meet the mandatory minimum requirements of food law. Subsequently, the district of Cloppenburg had issued an injunction for infringements of the food law.

Both counties committed to the business, results of own samples unsolicited provide and also production plans for the following day. The food must be continuously on Listeria control. In the district of Cloppenburg 102 samples were since may be negative, so it is not with Listeria charged. 15 were positive. The positive effect of the tested products may be marketed only if they have been examined after heating a negative effect on Listeria. The district of Cloppenburg had also initiated penalty proceedings, which was not yet completed, it said.

The case is not comparable in scale with the meat manufacturer Wilke from Hessen were, said a spokeswoman for the consumer protection Ministry in Hanover. A spokeswoman for the lower Saxony state health office, said that for lower Saxony is currently no listeriosis cases are known in which there is evidence of a connection with products of the company of flesh-crown delicatessen.

Norma-customers via posters informed

The competent public Prosecutor’s office in Oldenburg have still not initiated any investigations against Responsible persons of the company, because it is currently of sufficient actual indications of the ends of a lack of criminal conduct, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. "It will, however, be in cooperation with the lower Saxony state office for consumer protection and food safety, whether there is evidence for a culpable or negligent conduct on the part of the company’s management gibt", he stressed.

The Discounter Norma is informed to the consumer with Unmounting the Listeria-suspected in meatballs. As a spokeswoman for the supermarket chain in Nuremberg said on Monday, was taken to the goods on the Friday evening of the sale. How many packs and which were sold in fact, she said.

Also Rewe have taken immediately after Information by the supplier, the affected product from the sale, a company spokesman said. Among other things, on Market notice boards on the shelf space of the affected product and on the website, the customer would be informed.

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