Halal meat is allowed to carry an organic seal ECJ decision

Meat from ritual slaughter, the animal was not stunned, can not bear the European organic seal of approval. The European court of justice has ruled on Tuesday. Had sued an animal protection organization.

Meat from animals slaughtered without prior stunning ritually, must not be labelled according to a ruling by the top EU court, the EU organic seal of approval. Such a method of slaughter does not meet the highest standards of Animal welfare, said the European court of justice (ECJ) on Tuesday in Luxembourg, (case C-497/17).

The background is a legal dispute in France. There is a pet wanted to reach a protection organization, that halal-marked beef patties are no longer allowed to be advertised that you "organic Landbau" come. The competent administrative court asked the European court of justice for advice on the interpretation of European law.

The Luxembourg judges found that in the relevant EU regulations on several occasions emphasised that in the case of organic meat, the animal games is probably a Central role. Scientific studies have shown that the anesthesia was the technique, the affected animal welfare at the time of slaughter at the least. The Suffering will be considerably reduced. The religious rites prescribed methods of slaughter without stunning does not meet these criteria.