Halle Berry: her two biggest diet taboos

The actress Halle Berry presents on Instagram only to your well-toned body, it provides your Fans important tips about Fitness and nutrition.

Every Friday, the Oscar-winning actress posts under the Hashtag #fitness Friday posts about your own workouts or your personal attitude to the topic of food.

In addition to the Posts, there are also the so-called Phit Talks, during which she answered with her Trainer Peter directly the questions of their 4.7 million Followers.

No counting calories or weighing

In the last Phit Talk, a User asked the actress if you follow your diet with a daily calorie intake. Your answer was more than clear.

“I count never calories. Never, never, never,” she answered. “It brings me out of balance, if I pay attention too much on calories and food ratio kidney.” Instead, Berry put a lot of emphasis on healthy eating.

Also what relates to your body weight, represents a clear opinion: “as Long as I feel in my body well it doesn’t matter what I bring to the scales. For me, it comes to feel comfortable. That’s why I don’t weigh myself, too.”

Healthy and balanced eating

Nevertheless, Berry recommends her Fans, the foundations of a healthy and balanced diet to acquire.

“Learn something about the calorie intake and how much you should eat – verb ildliche the easy to every day in your head. For me, this is much better than any calorie counting,” she said.

However, you have to find out for yourself what works best for you. Before you stress yourself with your daily calories and macros unnecessarily, rather listen to your body and give him the healthy food he needs.

Don’t cling to the calories number

In fact, many experts agree that strict diets and the spasmodic Counting calories lead to the desired goal and is even counter-productive.

This is partly due to the fact that everyone’s body works differently and, therefore, not a lump sum it may be said, how many calories he really needs.

In addition, a Count of the calories favours a rather disturbed relationship to food, which in the joy of the delicious meals disappear.

“Write down what you ate and how it made you feel,” recommends the diet specialist Abby Langer in an interview with the New York Times.

This will give you a good Overview of your own eating habits, to cling to without you the Numbers. “Concentrate on the quality of your meals. Eating should be a pleasant thing and have fun.”

Cornelia Bertram

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