House doctors Association criticized funny Corona test is compulsory for travellers returning as a delusion

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 17 million people are infected worldwide with the Coronavirus, 214.577 of them in Germany.

House doctors Association criticized Corona test is compulsory for travellers returning as "wahnwitzig"

The German medical Association criticizes the Corona test is compulsory for travellers returning from high-risk areas. "To test much is reasonable, the test is mandatory but activism, I was a little halte", the Chairman of the Association, Ulrich Weigeldt the &quot said;Welt" (Saturday edition). The risk &quot are areas;much to pauschal" . been divided, and many family doctors are not a huge &quot…Rush of Testwilligen" equipped.

Weigeldt described it as a "absurd", that trip returnees would have to make to the doctor to be credible, to be abroad – such as through a Boarding Pass or hotel bill. "We are Doctors who are there to treat people and not the foreign office of the Federal Ministry of health. How to check because this is also a hotel bill? Who’s been there when exactly where?", Weigeldt said. "This is just insane."

Who come from high-risk areas to Germany, must be for this Saturday at the port of entry to the Coronavirus test. Alternatively, a negative test result can not be submitted more than two days old.

Risk areas the majority of countries in the world, the USA or Brazil are classified. In the EU, the Robert-Koch-Institute Luxembourg is Antwerp, the Belgian Region, and some regions of Northern Spain as a risk area identified, as well as several European countries outside the EU. Also, the four Turkish coastal provinces, for which no travel warning of the foreign office is more, continue to be classified as risk areas.

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