Jennifer Aniston On Cleansing From Nicotine

Many popular celebrities you admire either have a smoking habit or had the addiction for years before deciding to go clean. Take, for instance, Jennifer Aniston, not many people knew she was a chain smoker. It was just about 12 years ago she made the ultimate decision to “shut the door” on the practice and start a new chapter of her life. The initial journey was hard at first but after pushing herself with a determined state of mind, she finally got the victory she was working towards. But how did the actress overcome it? Here’s her story…


The Friends star was with the perception that smoking helped to keep her slim – a mentality that almost destroyed her life. Though she did the usual workouts, the nicotine craving was much higher. However, after deciding to quit, Jennifer increased her exercise sessions to stay low on weight which she said was one of her best moves.

Trying E-Cigarettes    

Jennifer, who was determined to go free of all nicotine and caffeine products decided she would try for e-cigarettes – a substitute cigar. But did it work for her? Not so much as she was back to her old self shortly after. These products have received mixed reviews as some say that they got help while others completely addressed these as a total waste.


Relaxation of the mind and having some “me time” also helped the actress on her journey. Her self-rejuvenation sessions helped in building a better mental state thus making the drift to a cleaner and more productive life, the one she does not regret achieving. Her transformation resulted in making great contributions that would later help others on a similar path. Jennifer also contributed to the writing of Yogalosophy (a yoga-related book), where she told part of her story.


The most powerful way for anyone to achieve success at what they do is through determination. Jennifer, after trying various methods of quitting, decided she needed to put more effort into her cessation plans. With the right motivation and self-reliance, she made the major step across the borderline to becoming clean.

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