Lose weight: intermittent fasting: These 5 mistakes that prevent you lose weight

Interval fasting, or intermittent fasting, is practical. The diet method kills excess pounds, lifts the mood and can have a positive effect on blood pressure.

The principle is quite simple: Depending on the variant you are fasting at least 16 hours of the day, the rest of the hours you are allowed to eat normally.

But do not happy too early: intermittent fasting is not a free ride for the consumption of Fast Food and co. in addition, the decreasing trend is not suitable for everyone. These common mistakes you should avoid:

1. You put high goals

Many diets fail because they require an extreme transition. You to do from one day to the other your diet completely, overwhelmed your body. Therefore, even when the interval fasting: Put you from the start to aim high, but work your way up slowly. It’s best to start with a fast interval of 12 hours and see how you feel.

2. The Plan does not fit your life style

What are the fasting-Variantyou choose, should be well considered. Who already don’t like eating Breakfast, for the 16:8 is-rhythm is ideal. So you can eat, for example, in the period from 11 to 19, or 13 to 21 o’clock. Night owls who want to give up your midnight snack, this variant, however, is often difficult. Also all the fasting-days, as in the case of the 5:2 variant, are not suitable for every human being – who has, for example, a stressful work daily life often requires regular meals to recharge your batteries.

3. You eat too much or too little

The fast phase is finally rum, you can eat the food again? Stop, stop: you Eating too much, you take. When intermittent fasting, the energy balance – is it positive? Then you eat more than you spend and take. Tip: Enjoy your meals and chew every bite thoroughly. Eat healthy foods, lots of vegetables, whole grain pasta, brown rice.

But also too little food is dangerous: Your metabolism slows down, your body builds muscle mass. Muscles are important in losing weight because The more muscles you have, the higher your calorie consumption – also in the idle state. Control with strength training.

4. You go to unhealthy foods

Fasting doesn’t give you the Go for Fast Food, chocolate and other calorie rich food. Although you may once in a while Food-sins allow, however, unhealthy Snacks should be a habit. Who is not adhering to the rule, should not be surprised about the Extra Kilos. Because only together with a healthy diet interval leads to fasting for weight loss success.

5. You drink during the interval is not fast enough

Drink, drink, drink – THE Standard rule in all the slimming methods. The recommendation is 2-3 liters per day. And that’s not Cola, juice and beer, but water and unsweetened herbal teas. Because a sufficient amount to drink is healthy and helps us shed excess weight.

Julia Are

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