Love your skin from head to toe

Aussies love to be outdoors and we’re big fans of ‘getting some fresh air’, whatever the weather or season. But all this exposure to the elements does mean that our skin needs a bit of extra TLC. Skin is pretty resilient but it can also be a bit tricky, especially if it gets dry or sensitive. So, in the name of great skin (and who doesn’t want that?) we’ve taken a closer look at some products that are effective in addressing common skin issues from head to toe, from the Australian made, Australian owned Plunkett’s range.

Have unwanted pigmentation?

If you have excess pigmentation on your face, you’re not alone. Unwanted pigmentation is a common condition that can be caused by UV exposure, hormonal changes or skin type. It appears as darkened patches on the skin and can make the skin look uneven.

John Plunkett’s Superfade Face Cream* is a pharmacy medicine that is clinically proven to help fade unwanted pigmentation. It is the only product that contains hydroquinone – the gold standard in pigmentation correction. The pharmacy strength formulation has a dual action – salicylic acid helps exfoliate surface pigmentation while hydroquinone works at the source of pigmentation.

*This medicine may not be right for you.  Read the label before purchase. If symptoms worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your healthcare professional. Follow the directions for use.

Face the facts about skincare ingredients

The skincare market is crowded, there’s no doubt about it. So, cut through the clutter and choose products that contain ingredients that have been clinically proven, so you know they’re going to be effective.

John Plunkett’s Collagen Lift Moisturiser is a day and night moisturiser packed with clinically proven level of the potent peptide, Matrixyl 3000, as well as hyaluronic fillers to firm, lift and plump your skin. Matrixyl 3000 is proven to boost collagen by 100 per cent, delivering a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For the delicate eye area, John Plunkett’s Collagen Eye Lift is a day and night eye cream that also contains the proven level of Matrixyl 3000 as well as an eye-specific peptide that is proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eye bags (puffiness) and dark circles.

Both of these products have been granted permission to use the Matrixyl Inside logo from the developer of the peptide, which is your guarantee that they contain the concentration proven to produce the promised results. No other Australian cosmeceutical product carries this logo. 

Body skin needs love, too!

A change of season, too much sun exposure or dry conditions can all have an effect on your skin’s condition, so don’t forget the fine work your skin is quietly getting on with in the background and show it some love with some good quality vitamin E to help protect its barrier while keeping it firm, supple and healthy.

Plunkett’s Vita E Natural Vitamin E Cream

This is a great everyday go-to, with high strength vitamin E (100 IU per gram) and enriched with Rosehip Oil.  This non-greasy cream is based on natural vitamin E, which is more potent than synthetic vitamin E and is easier to absorb. This rich cream moisturises, nourishes and restores skin. Paraben and fragrance free.

Plunkett’s Vita E Pure Vitamin E Oil

This one’s a brilliant beauty booster – add it to your moisturiser for a night time treatment, great for fine lines and wrinkles and as a cuticle oil on hands and feet. Plunkett’s Vita E Oil is a super concentrated pure vitamin E oil enriched with Rosehip Oil.  This high potency (910 IU per gram) oil protects and nourishes against moisture loss, dehydration and the signs of ageing. It helps restore damaged skin, soften scars, stretch marks and evens skin tone.

Plunkett’s Vita E Intensive Vitamin E Ointment

With extra high levels of Vitamin E (150 IU per gram) plus Rosehip Oil, this intensive ointment is based on natural vitamin E. This ointment provides hydration, replenishing moisture and soothing severely dry, damaged skin whilst providing a protective barrier for irritated skin. Ideal for nappy rash, chafed skin or dry cracked lips.

Right down to your toes

We ask a lot of our feet, so isn’t it time you returned the favour? NS 8 Heel Balm Complex is an effective, intensive treatment for rough and cracked heels and feet. The natural, non-greasy, quick absorbing cream formulation contains urea and coconut triglycerides, not petrochemicals. NS 8 also contains natural exfoliants to gently and gradually remove the build-up of dry skin that eventually cracks. NS 8 hydrates, softens, exfoliates and smooths. 

Plunkett’s Pharmaceuticals is an Australian owned company that has been dedicated to producing high quality problem-solving skincare specifically for our climate, conditions and lifestyle for more than 35 years. Discover the whole Plunkett’s range and find a stockist.

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