Measles vaccination for children: schools need to take young people without the Vaccination

Since months there have been discussions about the measles and a vaccination between supporters and opponents of the vaccination controversy. 1. March must be vaccinated children in day-care centres and schools nationwide against measles. Schools are not allowed to reject children without protection in the future.

While day-care centres and day mothers of unvaccinated children to reject, is the schools because of the compulsory education is not possible, as a spokesman for the health Ministry in Schwerin said on Wednesday. Where it is found to be an UN-inoculated child, will inform the Board of health, the host, in turn, contact the parents. In the final analysis, a fine threatens.

With the new vaccination from March 2020 which is becoming, once again, occurring measles should be pushed back outbreaks in Germany. Measles is considered one of the most contagious infectious diseases. As the best protection of a high vaccination rate of the population of 95 percent. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania achieved with 95.5 percent of the first graders according to the Ministry, as the only state, in addition to Brandenburg this goal.

Measles may extend in the case of small children, fatal

In the past 19 years East were registered in the North, according to the state office for health and welfare (Lagus) of only 49 infections. “These are by far the least measles-diseases of all German States in this period,” said health Minister Harry Glawe (CDU). The measles can be accompanied by severe complications, and especially in the case of small children, it can also lead to death.

Children should have the measles protection act from the age of first year, when admission to the school or the Kindergarten by the Standing Committee on vaccination recommended measles vaccinations. Children are cared for in a community facility, to 31 the proof up to the. July 2021, provide.

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