Mum shares 'genius' hack to keep her child hydrated in the heatwave

Keeping your child hydrated is absolutely vital to keeping them cool during a heatwave.

According to paediatric nurse and nutritionist Hannah Love, children are more likely to become dehydrated than adults because they have less blood volume.

And we all know that dehydration can cause serious issues.

‘Being dehydrated in the short-term can cause urinary tract infections, this can lead to kidney infections if not addressed,’ she tells 

‘Other short term risks are an elevated heart rate, light-headedness and feeling lethargic, while long term risks of dehydration in children are linked to kidney function, infections and renal issues.’

But one savvy mum has found the perfect trick to getting her child to drink more fluids in the heatwave – and she shared the parenting hack on TikTok. 

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Known as @Jaymeelea96 on the social media app, the clever parent shared how she uses ice and squash to keep her child excited to drink their fluids.

She fills up her child’s cup around a third of the way with water before freeing it, laying the cup on its side to ensure that the liquid doesn’t touch the built-in straw or lid.

Once frozen, she fills the rest of the cup with juice.

The ice then slowly melts throughout the day, meaning her son has a constant supply of cold water – and he’s excited about when more has melted for him to drink.

‘It’s just perfect for summer days and keeps him nice and cool,’ she says. 

And parents were impressed.

‘Smart woman!’ commented one TikTok user.

‘Why have I never thought of this?’ said another.

Others were happy to have found a hack that was easier and more efficient than simply using ice cubes, which melt too fast.

A handy heatwave hack.

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