New drug for the treatment of six different forms of cancer

Drug enters the cells and destroys them from the inside

Experts have now developed a drug against cancer, which works as a sort of Trojan horse. It creeps in quasi in diseased cells and allowing for the effective treatment of six different forms of cancer, even if the disease is already in an advanced stage, and other treatments no longer work.

The scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital have developed in your current investigation of a cancer drug, which can be used for the effective treatment of six forms of cancer. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “The Lancet Oncology”.

Medicine penetrates into the cells and poisoning this

The drug is not proved in patients in the advanced stage of cancer as extremely effective, even if the disease is responsive to other types of treatment, explain the study authors. The newly developed drug sneaks up on you like a Trojan horse in the cells, and releases a toxic substance which kills the cells. A significant minority of the tumors shrank or stopped, on average, for 5.7 to 9.5 months to grow on.

Which types of cancer the drug was effective?

Of the new type of treatment for about 27 percent of the patients with bladder cancer, 27 percent of women with cervical cancer and 14 percent of women with ovarian cancer have benefited. In addition, the funds also contributed to 13 percent of the subjects with esophageal carcinoma in 13% of patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma, and in seven percent of the subjects with an endometrial carcinoma.

Tisotumab Patients was tested on nearly 150 patients

The innovative new drug Tisotumab Patients a toxic substance is released that the cancer cells from the inside kills. The drug was tested for the study at nearly 150 patients. The results were so positive that further studies and also other types of cancer should be taken into account. This includes colorectal cancer, pancreatic, lung and head and neck cancer.

Further studies will be carried out

The majority of patients in the early study had advanced cancer that had already locally or spread throughout the body, explain the doctors. The subjects had been treated, on average, already unsuccessful with three different types of therapy against cancer. The Exciting thing about the well examined treatment is that their mechanism of action is completely novel. The drug acts as a Trojan horse in cancer cells sneak in and kill you from the inside out, explains study author Professor Johann de Bono from the Institute of Cancer Research. The drug have the potential to treat a large number of different types of cancer, in particular, some of which Affected only have a very low survival rate.

The drug has manageable side effects, and in the study overall, positive results have been achieved. The researchers have already begun additional studies with this new drug in different tumor types and as second line treatment for cervical cancer, where response rates are particularly high. It also just developed a Test to identify the patients most likely to respond to the drug. (as)