Organ donation: Is with Spahns bill each to the donor?

What’s next for organ donation in Germany? So far, people must agree to prior to her death, expressly a donation. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn wants to change that. What the bill – and what the critics say.

In the fight against the lack of life-saving donor organs, several Bundestag prior to the deputies to this Assembly a new draft law. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), the SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach and others want to bring the so-called contradiction solution on the way.

Contradiction – solution- what does this mean for organ donation

The design provides a double possibility to appeal. Therefore, not everyone should be an organ donor, if he has either self-contradiction or its members to do this.

Today, the so-called decision-making solution that everyone has during the lifetime of the option, to decide the case of brain death for organ donation and to document this in an organ donation card is valid. A duty to deal with the question, there isn’t currently but.

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So, the organ donation to Spahns idea should work

The draft law, according to which each should be as a potential organ donor, provided that he has not contradicted himself. Anyone who is opposed to organ donation, can make the design according to its position in a Register.

Spahn wants to connect his proposed Opposition system for organ donation, with a broad-based information campaign. Everyone should be contacted three times, said the Federal Minister of health.

"This is not a Organspendepflicht", Spahn defended his design. SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach, who supported the draft, pointed out that the number of 10,000 people Waiting on a donor organ is ten times as high as that of the actual transplants. The abstract willingness to donate was significantly higher than that of the actual donor. So far, there are organ donor cards, which anyone can lead.

A contradiction scheme is already in place in 20 of the 28 countries of the EU, with a high degree of acceptance, added Spahn.

The criticism of the draft law

The Left-the Deputy Kathrin Vogler has criticized the draft law of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and SPD parliamentary group Deputy Karl Lauterbach as inadequate. "According to their plans, the citizens would have to, without further assistance, self-inform, and is also still actively disagree with you, if you don’t want to drop the basic assumption, and the deduction that they were Organspender&quot after her death;, Vogler, the news Agency AFP said on Monday in Berlin.

The law was "mostly agree on the fact that the opposition scheme of the basic law ist&quot illegal;. Neither in the legislation nor in the jurisprudence, there is so far, the construct "Who does not disagree, agrees zu" or a forced to make a decision.

Union group Vice-Georg Nüßlein (CSU) pointed out that it is still completely uncertain whether the draft will be adopted in the Bundestag. "A majority is not yet sichergestellt", Nüßlein said. "Quite to the contrary."

The Alternative: the consent according to a regular survey

An alternative design that is supported by the CSU members of Stephan Pilsinger, Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock, and the Left-members of Kathrin Vogler, provides for the retention of the current opt-in regime.

Therefore, everyone should be regularly questioned to be binding, whether he is willing to donate organs or not. This could happen, for example, in the case of the renewal of the identity card or in the case of medical examinations.

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