Psychologist reveals how you a week have to plan to be happy

To make the spare time, rush, many from appointment to appointment. This creates Stress and does not make you happy. There are a few simple Tricks in order to have more time for yourself.

Family, friends, career, Hobbies and holidays – not much time for boredom. Instead, a strict time management is required in order to fulfill all the tasks. A study by the Foundation for future studies has determined that the Germans were their time by cycles. Co-editor, Ulrich Reinhardt is believed that this is even a fear of inaction.

This aspiration is at the expense of their own happiness feeling, said psychologist Friederike Gerstenberg in an Interview with "Time Campus Online". Because of the many To-Dos of everyday life is their own often remains on the route, observed the psychologist: "We underestimate how much time we need for us." However, with a few simple Tricks of the week you can plan that makes you happy.

1. Think about what is important

The life is changing, and thus the things that are important – or seem to be, at least. Therefore, it is worthwhile, who or what is at the heart of the partnership, children, family, the next step on the career ladder, the sports team, the Crawl, learning, planning the next big trip…

2. With whom I feel comfortable? With whom not?

From this collection, a network of people, spiders, the a surrounded. Frederike Gerstenberg recommends to ask yourself: what kind of people I don’t feel well, what is it? You get to decide without at this stage already, who later gets how much time. Barley mountain sees the first two steps as the basis, to be able to prioritize. It is a question of who and what is really important.

3. On Sunday, the week plan – but with Caution

The Crossfit appointment on Wednesday is set, and so four evenings of the week are still free to do something else? In the optimized world of leisure in the Smartphone calendar is managed, it is tempting to set an appointment after the other. Prior to this pulse, the psychologist warns: "You then have time to reflect on this appointment and to let it sink in?" The only way to stay a bit on the day slacking and not going down in the General noise.

4. Too many dates? Prioritizing helps

The old school friend is in town, parents evening announced in the school, the Jour fix at the Italian with the gang from the Fitness course and the parents-in-law, so much the program helps to create a list and prioritise what is important. With whom I’m friends, how tight? Whom I rarely see, whom I can trust, because the week is too exhausting? "At some point you must be saying to yourself: no, I can’t make the mehr", recommends barley mountain. Or Vice versa: "Who is happy that a friend cancels on short notice, is overloaded." This is a clear sign.

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5. Appointments cancel

Yes, you can. You can slouch after that, even alone on the Couch, instead of an appointment after the other to tick – and without a bad Conscience. Also Frederike Gerstenberg explains to friends that relaxes you prefer to at home. "I tell you that I keep my evening free to do nothing."

6. Self give Feedback

To find out how to do it, advises barley mount for the flash light method. As fast and spontaneous as a flash of light flares up, you give yourself with three adjectives feedback on how you are feeling: tired, tense, thirsty, serene… "The technique I use 15 times a day. If you do that, you know, relatively accurately, how about you, what you just need."

7. Sometimes a change of pace back

Who knows how he is, understands better what he needs: "You will develop a wire to itself." This means, then, to go to bed early because of a cold approaching, instead of fast friends in the pub around the corner. Or try new sports, where it’s not about the calorie burn. To tension and Stress, sports such as Yoga (for more balance), Tai Chi (to Relax), but also Swimming, Jogging, or just go for a walk proven.