The Start of the flu season: So, you reduce the risk of infection

Influenza: the flu vaccination it is not too late

According to experts, the last flu season was difficult and led to around nine million doctor. Almost 60,000 patients were inpatients, in clinics to be treated. At the Start of this year’s Influenza season, experts, in particular risk groups rates, to consider a vaccination into account.

A particularly severe course

The flu season last Winter was particularly severe and led to around nine million doctor. Over 330,000 laboratory diagnostically confirmed cases of influenza with Influenza virus were reported. Nearly 60,000 people had to be stationary to be used in hospitals to be treated. At 1.665 persons, the infection ended fatally. If you want to make in the current season, no unnecessary risk, should use protection and get vaccinated, rates of health experts. Those with statutory health insurance now have a binding claim on a Four-way vaccine against the flu.

At-risk groups should consider vaccination into account

At the Start of the Influenza season, the health insurance company Barmer, in particular at-risk groups are advised to pull a vaccination into account.

“For a flu vaccination it is not too late,” said Dr. Ursula Marschall, senior Physician at Barmer in a message.

“Especially in the case of vulnerable persons such as the chronically Ill with a weak immune system, older people or Pregnant women, the vaccination can be very useful. Anyone who is unsure, you should quickly ask his doctor,“ said the expert.

The cost for the vaccination is to be taken over by the health insurance Fund. According to the figures, it takes after the immunization, approximately two weeks before the immunity is built up.

After that, the risk of Influenza was significantly lower, although but also not completely excluded.

Of Sick keep your distance

To protect against a flu infection, you should heed in the coming weeks, some of the small tips.

“Because the flu virus is spread mainly by coughing and Sneezing, it is advisable to keep away from Sufferers as one and a half to two meters distance,” said Marshal.

In order to avoid indirect Transmission, you should wash your hands regularly, and as little as possible touch the face.

Finally, you could come down with the virus in contact, in the to welcome a sick Person with a handshake or an object to touch, you have previously touched.

“Regular hand washing to prevent Influenza is also important because a Person may already be contagious, if she still shows no symptoms,” says Marshall.

Symptoms differ sometimes hardly

Often patients are not sure whether you have the flu or the common cold.

As stated in the communication from the insurance company, and begin a Influenza very suddenly. Affected feel usually within a few hours sicker than a cold.

In addition, they often suffered under dry cough, heavy head, limbs and muscle pain and high fever.

“It depends on the immune system, like responding to an Influenza. Therefore, it may also happen that the symptoms different from a cold. In case of doubt, one should always go to the doctor,“ said the Marshal. (ad)