Think Twice About Skipping This Meal If You Want To Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, there’s a good possibility that you’re cutting back on your calorie intake. There are several diets and eating plans available, and while some involve cutting carbs or other food groups, most of them boil down to eating fewer calories than you burn daily to create a deficit and drop pounds.

One way you might trim some calories is by skipping breakfast. Sure, your mom or grandma might have told you breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how bad could missing it be? It turns out that breaking your overnight fast in the morning is a good indicator for losing weight and keeping it off (via WebMD). Suzy Weems, Ph.D., a registered dietitian and professor of family and consumer sciences at Baylor University, explained that the first meal of the day is essential. “Yes, you should eat breakfast,” she said (via WebMD).

Of course, that doesn’t mean just eating any food in the morning will help you lose weight (via Healthline). “You can’t have Twinkies and coffee and expect to slim down, or even maintain weight loss,” Weems said. “The food you choose matters.” (via WebMD). Good news — a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight and maintain it.

Here are the worst and best breakfast food choices

While eating in the morning may aid your weight loss goals, you need to make sure you’re choosing suitable foods. Among the worst breakfast foods is sugary cereal (via Healthline). Although it’s easy to fill up a bowl and eat the contents, think twice before resorting to it because even healthier varieties often don’t contain enough whole grains and have too much sugar. Due to containing high quantities of refined flour, pancakes and waffles aren’t good choices either, even though they’re a staple of breakfasts in the United States. Similarly, toaster pastries, muffins, and granola bars often contain too much sugar with little protein and should be avoided. The same goes for fruit juice (via Healthline).

“Breakfast tends to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle,” Suzy Weems said (via WebMD). It sets your standard for the day. Eat This, Not That! noted that healthy breakfast choices include those containing protein, healthy fats, high fiber, and low calories. Whole or steel cut oats with high-fiber fruit, eggs, avocado, and spinach are among the most nutritious options. Even a smoothie with protein, vegetables, and fruit can help you fuel up for a good start. If you love coffee, even that caffeine-powered drink can be part of your breakfast, as long as you don’t add lots of sugar and empty calories. No matter your preference, there is a healthy breakfast food that can help you slim down.

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