This is really happening in your body when you “burn fat”

Fat burning is one of the sought-after goals, when we torment ourselves in the sports. Ultimately, we want to lose weight or stay lean. FOCUS Online explains what is happening in the organism and why Overweight people have a real Problem.

On the Crosstrainer Display the program “fat burning” is one of the most popular. Also, gym hours, something to announce “fat burner” rain inlet. Finally, the promise to make the beach a good figure, or to fit back into the old Jeans inside.

Fat cells serve primarily to store energy. We take durable high-calorie foods to us, stretch the fat cells to excess energy. You can expand up to 200 Times their original size.

The body clings to every calorie

Our organism is calibrated to wasting energy, but you can for the lean times to retain and cones as a fuel from the fat cells. In earlier times, the ability to store fat in the Form of fatty acid molecules secured, the Survival. The people came from a long time without food and still had energy to flee before predators.

There’s no need for us today. But our body still holds every Extra calorie, and be deposited in fat cells. The Oversupply of food and a sedentary life style, therefore, has the consequence that about half of the adults in Germany is overweight, and a quarter considered obese, so obese. In children and adolescents, 15 percent are too heavy, six percent have obesity.

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Fat cells in obesity is a health risk

In obese people the fat cells, adipocytes, called non-functioning, normal: save energy, long and persistent, but is unusually slow. In addition, the bloated fat cells produce greater amounts of various hormones. These promote inflammation, slow down the metabolism and thus contribute to disease.

Fat”burning” is actually fat”destruction”

When someone begins a training program, and at the same time, the calorie intake is limited, the body does two things to burn fat””: He draws the needed energy from the fat cell storage and he begins to be less energy in the cells to store.

In this case, the brain signals the fat cells, fatty acid molecules into the bloodstream. The Sport is particularly stressed muscles, lung and heart operate, in order to draw energy for the respective stress.

Empty fat cells can fill up again at any time

The remains of the fatty acid is excreted via respiration or urine. Gradually empty itself in this way, the fat cells. Empty shells of the body also. However, new fat cells are formed at the same time. This will not be filled, however, by excessive calorie intake, the fat combustion during sports bacon pad and weight.

Fat burning starts with the first step

A long time the Belief was that fat stores are attacked during physical exertion, only when the Glucose stores are empty. In truth, both of energy to be tapped, sources immediately. Since the sugar supply is used up faster, the burning of fat in the Sport after 20 to 30 minutes.

By the way, nobody has to work out for optimal fat burning. Studies have shown that the fat metabolism of Trained at an intensity of 65 percent, most of the Untrained at about 50 percent of the maximum power effectively.