This New Postmates Feature Is a Free Delivery Loophole

Look, Postmates gets it. All we want is food delivered to our home, anytime and anywhere. But most importantly, we want the smallest delivery fee we can get. Sometimes, that means ditching Postmates’ app and opting for DoorDash or Uber Eats. But now, Postmates is sticking it to their competitors with a new feature called Postmates Party.

Basically, Postmates Party allows customers to save money on the delivery fee by ordering from popular restaurants — like Shake Shack, Blaze Pizza and The Halal Guys — that other people in their surrounding area are ordering from, all in real time. And by “save money,” we mean spending no money on the delivery fee. That’s right; it’s free. Think of this new delivery feature as uberPOOL, which is an option for riders to share their ride and match with other riders going the same direction.

While you’re on the app, click on the Postmates Party tab, and you’ll have a brief, 5-minute time limit to choose one of the trending restaurants and place your order — or, join the party.

Why is Postmates going out its way to help all us lazy bones out?

According to Postmates’ blog post, the delivery service is “driven by the vision of creating a logistics infrastructure that allows goods to move throughout a city at nearly zero cost to the consumer.” Postmates Party is a way for the company to deliver on that vision.

Those of you located in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County and Philadelphia, you’re in luck, because that’s where this new delivery option launched first. Don’t believe us? Open up the app; the “Party” tab is right there at the top of the screen, on the far right.

No word on whether they’ll expand to other cities, so we’ll all just have to keep our eyes peeled and glued to that Postmates app.

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