Three mistakes almost everyone makes during the Work-out and how to avoid them

That Sit-ups doesn’t necessarily make it a Six-Pack, we know that by now. Finally, the Six-Pack is made of at least 50 percent in the kitchen – that is to say, it depends on how healthy you eat.

This is just the first of a long list of Fitness myths that keep you in Work-out cosmos stubbornly. We will tell you how to make your Work-out quite quickly and is varied, can improve.

Work-out myth #1: 40 minutes of Cardio

You forget everything you have ever heard of the fat burning pulse range, and that Cardio is only active for 40 minutes. Sports scientists say: Two days per week of Cardio and two days of hard strength training for (in each case) 20 minutes effectively for losing weight.

Important: In these four training days, “Clean Eating” to comply with. No industrially processed food, no sugar, alcohol, little fat, etc. (Here are five foods that are better than their reputation)are

Work-out myth #2: rest periods keep

Who paused to lift the weight between the barbell sets allows the muscle to cool.

Effective: After 30 seconds, the next set to start, even if the muscle is still k. o. is. Tough? Yes, very much! The mass growth boosts but.

Work-out myth #3: 12 reps

The rule with three sets of eight to twelve repetitions comes from 1954. Today we know Better alternate.

High load and few repetitions for muscle building, then again more repetitions at a low load for endurance. Brings more variety and even more fun. To Fitness (and more myths can be found here in our Fitness Video)

This article was written by Constantin Herrmann

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