Tips for dealing with active ingredient patches

In many accessory kit important notes about missing pieces of paper, such as active ingredient patches are properly applied. This is reported by researchers from the University of Heidelberg according to a recent analysis of 81 preparations. Patient, the proper application of the patches in the pharmacy, explain, recommended by the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. in a press release.

The information provided in package inserts for dealing with drug patches, are inadequate: Not a single one of the 81 package leaflet, the researchers of the University hospital of Heidelberg had studied, contained all the necessary application instructions. "Do not rely alone on the leaflet, but you can set the correct application in your pharmacy demonstrieren", Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists advises.

"In this dosage form error is easy. For example, the pain patch should not be glued at the same time on different joints, because then it would be dangerous Überdosierungen", explained Benkert. You may be glued to the intact skin, which has been previously with water, but without soap. This ensures that the patch sticks well and the active ingredient is slowly absorbed through the intact skin. Transdermal patches should not be cut in addition: first, they do not adhere well and secondly can you get from a damaged pavement too much active ingredient into the skin. After a patch has been superseded, at the earliest, taped a week later a different patch to the same skin site. The used patch with the adhesive sides inwards wrinkles and in a closed container for disposal. You must not fall into the hands of children, since even after several days of application, significant amounts of active Ingredient are available.

Medicated patch exert their effect throughout the body. You come up against strong pain, Parkinson’s disease, or Smoking cessation. Some preparations contain hormones and help with menopause symptoms.