Why do you get spots on your bum and how can you get rid of them?

We often talk about skincare and how important it is, but there’s one area that people tend to neglect – namely, the bum.

Perhaps it’s down to stigma; while most of us will happily discuss our skincare routine in detail, it gets trickier when we’re having trouble with a more intimate area.

Some might feel embarrassed or even compare themselves to photos of smooth, glistening bottoms on social media – the bum is having a moment – but breakouts on your butt is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you’re regularly seeing spots pop up on your backside, don’t worry. We’ve found out why it happens and how you can treat it.

Why do you get spots on your bum?

Let us put your mind at ease and assure you that bum spots is a very common issue, and can happen to both men and women.

One of the main reasons people develop them is due to hair follicles becoming inflamed or blocked, a condition known as folliculitis.

This can happen through skin irritation, friction (for instance, if you’re sat with your naked butt on an itchy chair at the office every day), as well as bacterial and fungal infections.

Note that folliculitis can take different forms; sometimes it might just be small bumps or white or yellow spots, but it can also look like a rash or in severe cases, turn into sores.

All of us also have hair on our bums, and those with a particularly fuzzy peach may choose to wax or shave the area, which can contribute to the spots being developed if the process irritates the skin.

Working out on a regular basis in tight clothes can also be a factor, as you’re essentially trapping the sweat onto the area while doing so (especially if you’re sat down on a bike).

It’s worth noting that getting small spots on your bum is not quite the same as having butt acne or butt-ne, as it’s also known.

Butt acne normally shows up in the form of deeper cysts, but can also appear as painful boils under the skin – a condition known as Carbuncles – which is the step up from folliculitis.

How can you get rid of bum spots?

There are various ways to treat bum spots.

If your case isn’t that severe, start by making some small changes and see if there is an improvement.

For instance, wear breathable fabrics – especially while working out – and make sure you wash the clothes between each use. This also applies to underwear, which should be changed daily.

The products you use to clean yourself with are also important. If you believe that your shower gel might be the issue, try another (perfume-free) brand or invest in a mild cleanser to clear up the skin.

And make sure that you wipe your butt properly after having a poo.

If you’re removing hair from your bum, regularly change and clean your razor or swap to wax (or vice versa, depending on the results).

Alternatively, look into other options such as permanent laser hair removal, though this is not suitable for all hair and skin types and does not always work. There are also other risks, such as the laser damaging the skin.

If you’re concerned or if the breakouts are severe, see a dermatologist or chat to your GP. They may prescribe a topical acne solution or offer another treatment.

Just make sure to look after your peach.

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