Why you should wear Wear It Pink this Friday and how it can help fight cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this Friday October 18 is Wear it Pink Day.

In Mean Girls, it might have been Wednesdays that were the day to wear pink, but this week the Breast Cancer Now charity are asking you to wear pink on Friday in honour of their Wear it Pink day.

But what is Wear It Pink Day and how is it linked to Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

What is Wear It Pink Day 2019?

Around 55,000 women and around 370 men have their lives affected by breast cancer every single year and 11,5000 women and 80 men die from the disease annually. That equates to the devastating statistic of nearly one death every 45 minutes from breast cancer.

Wear It Pink Day brings together thousands of people across the nation to support and promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the aim to raise money for charity and show solidarity and support for those affected by breast cancer.

The day encourages people to wear something pink (or a whole outfit) and support the Breast Cancer Now by raising money for the charity.

Talking about Wear it Pink day, Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley who supports the charity said: ‘Breast Cancer Now’s wear it pink day is a cause that’s really close to my heart, as my beautiful mum Cath sadly died from breast cancer seven years ago.

‘When she died, it felt like my world collapsed around me. She was such a positive person, and, in her memory, I am really passionate about helping Breast Cancer Now to make a difference to the lives of all those affected by breast cancer, now and in the future.

‘I love wear it pink day as it brings together thousands of people all over the UK to have fun, but also to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now, helping the charity to fund world-class breast cancer research and support, for people like my mum.’

How can Wear It Pink help the fight for breast cancer survival?

In April 2019, Breast Cancer Now merged with Breast Cancer Care to create the UK’s first comprehensive breast cancer charity.

Breast Cancer Now works to support and fund nearly 450 of the world’s best researchers across the UK and Ireland to further research and understanding of breast cancer and its causes and treatment.

The charity currently funds around a third of all breast cancer research happening in the UK and last year the charity responded to nearly 7 million breast cancer support requests.

Since launching in 2002, Wear it Pink has raised over £33 million for breast cancer research.

To help support Wear it Pink day, offices and schools ask people to make a donation and wear pink for the day and people also hold pink-themed bake sales, raffles and parties – with all the money raised going towards Breast Cancer Now. For some Wear It Pink fundraising ideas and to register visit wearitpink.org

The charity hopes to raise enough money with its annual Wear it Pink days and other fundraising activities to ensure that by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live.

How should you check your breasts for lumps or irregularities?

Discussing the importance of being breast aware, Addie Mitchell, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care, wants women to know there is no right or wrong way to check your breasts.

‘It’s about looking and feeling regularly so any changes can be spotted quickly,’ she said. ‘The sooner breast cancer is diagnosed, the more effective treatment may be.

‘Whatever your age, being aware of all the signs and symptoms of breast cancer is crucial – it’s not just a lump to look out for. Other changes could be a nipple becoming inverted or a change in texture of the skin.

‘While most symptoms won’t mean breast cancer, if you notice anything unusual for you get it checked out by your GP.

‘Anyone with questions can call Breast Cancer Care’s nurses free on 0808 800 6000 or visit breastcancercare.org.uk.’

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