Woman talks about psychosis: Thought I was the niece of John F. Kennedy am

Everyone perceives the world in his own way. Some on a very own. Christiane Wirtz, was sure to be the niece of John F. Kennedy. How she lives with psychosis, describes them for FOCUS Online.

One of the most typical scenes: I’m in the summer of 2013 at the Cologne Friesenplatz, am of the opinion that I was the niece of John F. Kennedy and the daughter of Mick Jagger, also, I’m waiting for a diffuse man, I don’t know who he is and what he looks like.

I have thunders, standing there in a light blue silk sheath dress and walk in high heels on the pavement. I’m trying to get out of the way of the turtle doves in front of me, in a message read out. I got to wait in the hot sun, I’ll take an angelic patience for this, that my delusions come true somehow, but still. I leave an hour to an hour to elapse until the evening and the night to come. Now I have the inspiration, because the stars in the sky, the Firmament open, and my father (Mick Jagger) come with a space ship to pick me up.

I didn’t want to see that something’s wrong

Of course, nothing happens, as before, not a man is over come, or at least has been none as such.

This condition in which I found myself in front of almost five years, it is called a psychosis . Common words: I was crazy, almost two and a half years. And the end was brutal: In the closed division of a Cologne-based psychiatry. A few days after I had taken all the medication, I suddenly realized, in what kind of Situation I was really without a Job, a foreclosed condo, and I was able to only have a few days without my life insurance, because I had implemented in cash.

Many friends and Acquaintances had turned away from me. Because of the absurdity of my ideas and Statements. But a lot of people had made about me were also not approached to me. I had absolutely not want to see that something was wrong with me. The Doctors note: a lack of insight into the Illness. But that belongs exactly to the disease.

With Stigmatization, shame – and guilt-prone

Now you might think I was crazy now, in the Public such embarrassing Details about myself. But I have a reason: I believe that the subject of psychosis, unfortunately with an incredible amount of Stigmatization, feelings of guilt and shame is attached to them. I know personally, but it is also confirmed scientifically. A study by the University of Greifswald in the year 2011 roughly says the following: Over half of the respondents would refuse a person with schizophrenia to a friend (53 per cent), to recommend him for a Job (63 percent), to accept him as a tenant (58 percent), or in the family (60 percent), 79 percent reject it, and to him the care of his children. 49 percent of respondents say that they feel in the presence of individuals with schizophrenia unwell, 37 percent are afraid of him.

Support the person and their family, for example, in the case of psychosis-early detection centres in various cities in Germany: https://www.neurologen-und-psychiater-im-netz.org/psychiatrie-psychosomatik-psychotherapie/stoerungen-erkrankungen/psychosen/links-frueherkennungzentren/

Affected persons and their relatives-to-understand guide to offer, would like to find the Website psychose.de of the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, under the Link.

I think that further discussion about mental illness, including the particularly difficult to diagnose “schizophrenia” and “bipolar” (which are the diseases associated with psychosis) could be beneficial. Both for the Affected as well as for the society. On average, one percent of the population worldwide suffer from schizophrenia, with the addition of as a passive family, friends, and Acquaintances. This is likely to be in Germany, millions of people who are ashamed of themselves or others, and that is not a good Situation.

I have accepted the illness as a part of my life

Such a discussion, informed only once about the disease, might also have claims to a consequence that the Affected will experience a more individual assistance, that they are not excluded and deported, that therapists receive a better education, and psychiatric hospitals more money . But until it comes to that, I am glad that I had the opportunity to write a book in order to make my concern more clearly, or the ability to Wake up about this article and your interest for the topic.

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Of course, I am also pleased that it comes back to me better and I arrived largely in reality am Essentially positive. I’m not quite there yet, where I once was, or where I want to go, but in a good way. I have a Job, I work as a Coach, I’m stable and able to revive some friendships. I’m on medication, even if they are associated with debilitating side effects and am able to accept that at the Moment. So basically, I have accepted the illness as a part of my life – to the heard, but hopefully the past.