You can solve this puzzle – It started as a homework for Chinese school children

In the meantime, the whole world is puzzled already

It started as a homework assignment for Chinese primary school students, now the whole world is trying to solve the puzzle. In this math problem of so many is already desperate, and some of the sweating is still going to come to the correct solution. Also, you can try your luck!

This text object provides for a headache

What provides as a text task for Chinese primary school children started for a headache for many adults. The Twitter Channel „China Focus“ reported that this math task for Chinese students was set as a homework task. A proper challenge for elementary school students.


Two cats and a table that all it is then what you should have for this puzzle in the eye. Is looking for the height of the table, but solely by using the height difference of the two cats. On Twitter, many people have a problem with that. Try your luck.

Homework in the primary school, should be. This math task is to solve all easy.

The Solution

Who wants to come to the correct result the puzzle has multiple solutions to choose from. But only one of them is so simple that you can hardly believe it. You can simply add the two length and then divide by two to get the result. So 260 cm (150cm 110 cm) cut in half and you have the result.

In order to portray the Whole thing in a formula, here is a short illustration. We take as the height of the seat cat x and as the height of the cat y, and z as the height of the table. Then the left side of the image z x – y = 150 cm. For the right-hand side z &#8211 is; x y = 110 cm. We now have both formulas together, so 2z = 260 cm, so 1z = 130 cm. The correct solution is: 130 centimeters.

Solution C is the correct answer! (fm)