Andie MacDowell Is Relishing Her Now Role as a Grandma — But Don't Call Her ‘Granny’

Andie MacDowell is officially a grandma! The Groundhog Day star shared the exciting news in a Tuesday appearance on The Today Show, where she gushed about her new grandbaby — and the boundaries she’s already setting in regards to her name.

After host Al Roker congratulated her “on becoming a first-time grandma,” MacDowell responded, “Oh yes, thank you!”

“Art imitating life,” he commented, referring to her new show, The Way Home, in which she plays a grandmother. But just because she’s excited about being a grandma, that doesn’t mean she wants to be called “Granny.” She’s much too cool for that.

“I haven’t decided — she can’t speak yet,” MacDowell said, when asked what her “grandma name” will be. “I’m gonna give her time. I’m thinking Nana or Grandma.”

“Not Granny!” she adds, while shaking her head. Everyone laughed, and Roker assured her, “No, you’re not a Granny!”

We agree! Grandma is a classic, just like MacDowell.

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