Difficult birth: a woman brings record-breaking 6.5 kilos of Baby to the world

In Arlington (USA), Jennifer and Eric Medlock with the birth of her son set a record. The little bundle of joy weighed almost twice as much as an average Baby.

As the local remote see “CBSDFW” reported to have brought the first-born daughter of the couple already have four kilograms. The parents expected a large Baby. But that you had not expected.

The boy is enjoying excellent health, and broke the record of the heaviest baby in the hospital of Arlington.

“I just thought: ‘Oh my God! Really?‘“

“I just thought: ‘Oh my God! Really?‘“, Jennifer Medlock said in an Interview with the news channel. But the road to her two children was not easy.

Facebook/Jennifer Jackson Medlock

Jennifer suffers from the so-called polycystic ovarian syndrome. This leads to increased male sex hormones and affect fertility. “Nevertheless, we’ve tried and prayed,” said Medlock.

“He is destined for something Big”

After a week in the neonatal intensive care unit both were able to leave the hospital and come home. “He is destined for something Big”, is the mother of two sure.