Famous Mothers and Daughters From Kate and Goldie to Kris and Kim

Like mother, like daughter! Not only are these celebrity moms famous, but their daughters grew up to make names for themselves.

Goldie Hawn, for example, gave birth to Kate Hudson in 1979 with her then-husband Bill Hudson. After their split, Kate was raised by her mom’s partner Kurt Russell. The little one grew up on set — and would go on to follow in her mom’s acting footsteps.

“I drove joyfully to our offices almost every day, packing my tiny Kate in her little car seat, her bottles and cereal in my bag, along with a few rattles and toys and her fold-up playpen,” Hawn wrote in her 2005 memoir, A Lotus Grows in the Mud, about filming Private Benjamin. “It was so great having Kate gurgling away in the office with us in the midst of the hustle and bustle of pre-production.”

Kate, as well as her older brother, Oliver Hudson, went on to pursue acting careers of their own.

“Having a daughter follow in mom’s footsteps is not easy. She said, ‘Hey, I’m my own person,’ and dammit, we made sure she was,” Hawn said at her daughter’s Skeleton Key premiere in London in 2005. “I believe that one of the most important things as a parent  you can do is let go at times so that these children can formulate their own identity.”

Despite their successful careers, the family members have never worked on a project together. “Mother and daughter, or son or whatever – sometimes it doesn’t work,” the Overboard star told The L.A. Times in May 2019. “You have to look at the reality because we’re very well known apart. There’s a lot of expectation coming into it. You want to talk about baggage.”

But Hawn and her daughter are far from the only ones in Hollywood facing this same dilemma. Whether they followed their mom’s examples directly or took different paths to stardom, keep scrolling for a look at famous mother-daughter duos, including Kris Jenner and the Kardashian sisters and Peggy Lipton and Rashida Jones.

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