Hanuman Jayanti 2019: Enjoy these children’s books on the monkey god

Hanuman, the monkey god, who tried to swallow the sun as a baby is a favourite when it comes to stories of mythological characters for children. Here are some books to enjoy with your kids.

Children never tire listening to and reading stories of mythological characters, particularly Hanuman, the monkey god. Here are some books to consider adding to your reading library.

Little Hanuman by Anita Raina Thapan (Age: 4+)

In this charming tale, Gittoo’s Mama or uncle talks about how great power comes with responsibility. Have fun reading this story about the naughty and fearless monkey god, who was born with special powers. Published by Full Circle Publishing Ltd

Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman by Bhakti Mathur (Age: 4+)

This is a trilogy that includes Amma, Tell Me About Hanuman!, Amma Tell Me How Hanuman Crossed the Ocean! and Amma Tell Me about Hanuman’s Adventures in Lanka! In the first book, children are introduced to Hanuman, Amma’s favourite god, who got into trouble when he tried to swallow the sun for breakfast as a baby. In the second, Hanuman leaps across an ocean and accomplishes mighty feats after he regains his forgotten powers and in the third book, Lord Rama’s beloved devotee reaches Lanka, the golden city in search of Sita and later uproots a hill and flies faster than the wind to save Lakshmana’s life. Published by Anjana Publishing

Adventures with Hanuman by Arshia Sattar (Age: 8+)

Raghu’s wish comes true as Hanuman appears from his bed, straight out of a poster.  He joins the monkey god as he flies across mountains and seas, battling demons during an adventure to help Rama rescue Sita from Lanka, making his way through the maze that is Ravana’s palace. Published by Rupa & Co

Hanuman’s Ramayana by Devdutt Pattanik (Age: 6+)

The sage Valmiki has just about completed penning down his magnificent epic Ramayana, when he is informed by Narad that there is a better Ramayana, written by Hanuman. A devastated Valmiki realizes with the rest of us that there is no one retelling of the much-loved epic tale Ramayana. Published by Tulika

Tales of Hanuman by Anant Pai (Age: 9+)

This volume from Amar Chitra Katha contains three titles — Hanuman, Hanuman to the Rescue, Bheema and Hanuman. While the first introduces us to Hanuman’s extraordinary courage and strength, the second tells us the story of how he flew to a forested hill, battling crocodiles and outwitting the gods to deliver a precious medicinal plant to save Rama’s brother Lakshmana, carrying an entire mountain with him. The third is about Bheema, the Pandava brother known for his physical strength and, like Hanuman, born of the wind god. In this tale, the two brothers are pitted against each other.

Hanuman and the Orange Sun by Amy Maranville (Age: 4+)

When Hanuman was a baby, he decided to take a bite of the orange sun. So begins the story, followed by other fun tales of the monkey god, a favourite with children. Published by Mascot Books Inc

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