Here's Why Jennifer Garner's Kids Feel 'Threatened'

In many regards, the stars are unlike the rest of us. They live in million-dollar houses, hire the best personal trainers, and get the VIP treatment at some of the most exclusive restaurants. Yet, sometimes, even celebs can act surprisingly, well, normal. Case in point: Jennifer Garner feels “threatened” by Chrissy Teigen’s “gorgeous kids.”

The “drama” surfaced this month after both Garner’s kids and her nanny made comments about how adorable Teigen’s children, Luna and Miles, are. Of course, she couldn’t disagree.

“Ok he is really cute,” Garner commented on a recent photo of Miles having tummy time in a blue onesie. “My kids are now being threatened with his cuteness.”

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In all fairness, that is, without a doubt, one of the cutest baby pics these eyes have seen in a while. Miles even makes baby drool look stylish! Unfortunately for Garner, her nanny also adores Luna and Miles — and she isn’t afraid to show it.

“I see my kids’ nanny liking everything you put up with your gorgeous kids and I’m here to tell you, don’t get any ideas, either one of you,” Garner commented on another sweet picture of Miles. Teigen did her best to quell Garner’s fears by writing, “For anyyyyyyone reading this I ONLY POST THE CUTE STUFF.”

Thankfully, this “feud” seems to all be in jest. We’re not 100% certain, but we think dragging your kids’ caretaker on Instagram may be one of the surefire ways to lose your babysitter. At the very least, exposing to the world that your kids (aged 7-13) feel “threatened” by a baby and a toddler might make for an awkward dinnertime conversation — and, dare we say it, could be more embarrassing for them than the time Garner dressed up in cosplay for her youngest’s birthday party. (In all fairness, her costume was fantastic!)

As much as we love a fake feud, let’s hope Garner and Teigen can come to an understanding that all of their kids are darling so they can focus on more fun things. Maybe a group playdate is in order? Hey, we can dream, right?

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