Jennifer Aniston Reveals How She Keeps Her Body This Hot at 50

All hail Body Queen Jennifer Aniston. The Friends actress may have turned 50 years old in February 2019, but you’d be forgiven for thinking she was 40 — or even her 30!

The youthful California native is basically the godmother of all things fitness and diet in modern Hollywood. Since the early 1990s, when she first appeared on the scene as Rachel Green, to her marriage to her equally toned and tanned ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2000, she ruled the ’90s pop culture scene — and the wellness trends that went with it.

Though she loves the occasional indulgence of her favorites (Mexican food and a margarita), she’s famously disciplined with her plant-based diet — even eating the same salad every day for 10 years during Friends.

As for her fitness routine, the always bikini body-ready actress has spoken extensively in the past about loving meditation and yoga with famed instructor Mandy Ingber. In fact, in 2014, Ingber gave Us the secret to getting Aniston’s svelte physique — long, lean muscles, toned abs and all. “Yoga, cardio and eat really, really cleanly,” said the guru. “No sugar! She’s a no-sugar girl.” Other than that, Aniston’s key was and is consistency in her fitness plan.

Though the Dumplin‘ actress still keeps a yoga practice, she has many other exercise routines and fitness tips and tricks up her sleeve for staying in tip-top shape. Among the activities in her regimen? Cardio like spinning and Taryn Toomey’s cult-favorite group class called, well, The Class. She’s also taken up boxing with trainer Leyon Azubuike, the founder of Gloveworx.

“The thing with Jen is that she works out very hard and very intense, so the workout is ever changing,” the pro told Us in August 2018 of Aniston’s training sessions. “It is always evolving because I have to continue to challenge her.”

The boxing coach added that it’s not easy helping Aniston maintain her physical perfection: “Jen is one of those anomalies, she is ageless,” he told Us. “So at this point in her career, it is about keeping her there. That is the difference between Jen and someone who is going through some sort of transformative program. With Jen, the challenge is less on Jen and more on her coach — me. She is at the top of her game all the time.”

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