Kate Hudson Shows Weight Loss 3 Months After Joining WW

How to lose the weight in three months! Kate Hudson Opens a New Window. wowed when she stepped onto the red carpet in a fitted crimson gown at The Daily Front Row’s 5th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday, March 17. It wasn’t just for her impeccable style; the actress appeared to have dropped even more post-baby pounds since she last talked about her diet and fitness goals.

Hudson announced last December that she was the newest ambassador for WW Opens a New Window. , the points-based diet program formerly known as Weight Watchers. “Health and wellness is my number one,” she told fans on Instagram at the time.

She signed on as a celebrity spokesperson following the birth of her third child Opens a New Window. , daughter Rani Rose (with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa), on October 2, 2018. Shortly before the announcement, she posted a photo of herself in a sports bra on Instagram, saying she wanted to lose 25 pounds by spring Opens a New Window. .

At the Fiji water-sponsored event Sunday night, the Fabletics cofounder accepted the Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year award for her work with the athletic wear brand. During her speech, the 39-year-old Oscar de la Renta-clad actress revealed that starting the line five years ago “was more inspiring to me than anything I’ve ever done.” The star — who has talked extensively about loving of all things fitness and wellness Opens a New Window. like dancing, yoga, Pilates and meditation — went on to describe the athletic and confidence-building journeys she unwittingly helped other women go on.

“I actually relate to people with something that matters to me, which is when someone comes up to me and says you know, ‘My husband left me after 20 years and I gained 55 pounds and I saw online this Fabletics thing, and then I was like you know what, f–k it. I’m going to get my life together. I’m going to be strong and [lose] 50 pounds. I lost everything and I got a boyfriend and I feel good about myself,’” the athleisure wear designer shared from the podium. “Oh my god, this is the most — that was more inspiring to me than anything I’ve ever done.”

More than anything, the Pretty Happy author loves that her workout clothes can help turn women onto a wellness-based lifestyle. “We can bring colors and fashion to an active lifestyle. We can make it affordable and available to everyone, which is really important to me,” she said. “And maybe inspire some people to get healthy and start to think about what matters to them, which is their own, you know, personal journey. And we can do it with really cute clothes.”

With reporting by Amanda Champagne

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